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We have talked in more than one place about the idea of ​​specifically mentioned sports games and series such as FIFA, which we noticed that they do not witness a significant development every year due to the short time between them. Each edition, and FIFA was just one example, so now we're seeing an annual series of games, be it sports or non-sports. And early this month, NBA 2K21 was released on nearly every platform.

NBA 2k21 is yet another example of an annual game idea, NBA releases nearly every year, and the new Visual Concepts segment developed by Team Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports.

Now, after this introduction I can conclude the question that comes to your mind now, has the game managed to overcome the repetition found in annual sports and lack of content?

Luckily, we tried the game in a way that allows us to answer all these questions with this review, but before we start, I must point out that I am not a fan of basketball and can consider myself as a passing follower, I only know the main laws and some general moves and skills In sports, but I'm not aware of that.

I think my little knowledge of basketball is a positive thing when reviewing the game because I look at the game in a more abstract way without any background or association with the players, and by the way, we have played several times a sport and enjoyed it without much experience in sports such as skiing games or games. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 as a more specific example, and now we only have the NBA 2k21 review remaining.

Comprehensive experience:

NBA 2K21 does not offer a basketball game if you want to put it in a true box, but rather a complete and general NBA experience, the experience is completely complete from the start of the game and you see the atmosphere that we are experiencing the NBA.

Even between matches in the match, you will find that the game offers a studio to analyze the performance of the two teams with some statistics, as well as the famous entertainment show that takes place in the middle of the match.

Obviously, this atmosphere was very important to the game developer, a lot of it could not be ignored, some of it could not be ignored, and for me it was fun at first only the first games and after that, I started feeling repetitive and a little bored.

But overall, the developer was able to bring the entire NBA experience into the game and you would feel like watching and playing the game simultaneously, and the simulation was so realistic that the substitute players were moving the line and cheering for their team and becoming frustrated or happy depending on the course of the match.

Play stages.

NBA 2K21 is the repository for all the game modes you want to imagine. You can of course play normal matches or customize the match you want with any number, be it 1v1 to 5v5.

The game also has a large number of tournaments that you can enjoy with a bunch of popular classics, such as My Career and GM.

Unfortunately, despite the wide variety of stages in the game, this does not differentiate anything from the stages of the previous versions as there is nothing literally new and text-driven from the previous parts. All this iteration was only present in a new mode of unique game which is the stage of MyTeam.

The developer MyTeam allows you to play and compete within the game and every time you win matches you will be able to unlock new packs containing players you can join your team etc. i.e. here like FUT in FIFA and I think it is a good addition to a game that breaks the boredom of normal modes.

Play style.

The game is played very quickly, and this is because the sport is already played. If you are new to this game, then in the first game you will feel that you are losing and that a lot of things are happening on the screen at a fast pace that you cannot keep up with, but after several games you will start to get used to it. Get this quick iteration, acceptance and appreciation too.

Even if you do decide to play a little leisurely, you will find that you have to learn passing tactics, because the game does not depend a lot on dribbling to get the ball to the basket, but rather on making a series of smart passes until you hit a player under the basket until you throw a good throw.

When it comes to shooting, we stop here. The shooting system in the game is very complicated. When shooting at the basket an indicator appears and you have to stop this indicator at a certain point for the shot to be perfect.

The problem does not lie with the cursor, but in the way this cursor changes in the game. If you are under the basket, you find that the size of the cursor is relatively large and if you hit a green area at the inside, you will get a successful shot with a high rate.

But if you are inside or outside the circle, you will find that this indicator has become smaller and the green area has become very narrow, and even if it becomes green, you may not be able to score the goal because it has to be hit in the middle.

Likewise, if you shoot while running with the player, it becomes more difficult or if you shoot and the player is under observation, all these complications make shooting a crisis especially if you are a beginner player like me with a very fast play rhythm, you will find yourself focusing on this indicator as If it were a game in the game.

User interface and performance.

As for the performance of the game, it is completely smooth and despite the huge size of the game, the medium-sized device will be able to run it quite easily, even the current platforms were able to run the game with great graphics performance without any problems.

As for the user interface, it is a disaster. I haven't seen a user interface this complicated and written in such a long time that I am starting to feel that it is a strategy rather than a sports game.

When I first tried GM mode, I was surprised by the amount of data written on the screen and it bothered me in the real world, and although the gameplay continued, I didn't use it at all for this interface, and decided to quit this mode.

Plus, controlling the game is a hell on the PC platform. If you decide to play with the keyboard, then the developer clearly didn't pay attention to the keyboard in the first place and made these controls a simple feat or add very little sub.

I totally understand that this is a sports game and the joystick is the best way to play, but here I am even talking about the UI controls, the game does not roll back with ESC and comes back in the back when I press the right mouse button and switch the space bar and enter key between these tasks.

Personally, it took a very long time to configure the keyboard to be at least a little bit controllable when used on the UI, but inside the game it's a hell of a lot and you have to configure your own controls. , Just tell you that the main control buttons like running, dribbling and scrolling have been placed in the number keys.

Drawing level.

NBA 2K21 comes with a really impressive level of graphics, from the design of players and their bodies to the lights and the reflections of the ball on the field.

There is also a great interest in the detail of the audience and the personalities on the line such as the cleaner you will find holding the broom very realistically and using it like a real person.

The good thing does not end there, the game runs well between the scenes and the match, and I am talking here about playing during the match itself, for example if you score three throws, in a short scene from the concert is shown and then you return to the game very smoothly and you will not feel this No movement, or for example barely a kick.

Comments and audio recordings.

The main menu in the game has a good collection of foreign songs that break the boredom barrier while navigating these menus a lot in fact and it doesn't justify itself at all.

As for the comment, it was distinguished to a large extent and was not repeated, unlike other sports, but the lack of repetition here was related to one match and when you play more than one match you will find that the dialogue phrases are frequent, but in general the performance was elegant and you will find the commentator still speaking as if he was in a game Real.


Unfortunately, NBA 2K21 has fallen into the trap of iterating very broadly, as it is an exact replica of the 2K20 version, and if you are a fan of the game and have last year's version, don't worry, you already have the new version, but you are missing Myteam development and the complex and boring shot indicator.

But if you are a new player and want to try the game, I would not recommend it either because it was not able to attract the average player or the player who wants to learn the game, the game is very complex and requires you to have a great knowledge of the rules and tactics of the game, and in my opinion one can add that it requires sharp vision It can adapt to bad fonts written in UI