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Crash Bandicoot 4 Review It's About Time

I remember my first experience with Crash and remember it well too, I will go back to the year 2000 and I think when I was a little kid he made my way into the world of games without knowing that this will be his livelihood and future, the important thing, I remember that my father Ali once got into the game Crash Bash on the computer And I don't remember if my experience with the emulator or if it was released on PC at the time with PlayStation 1, but what I do know and what I'm sure of is that I didn't forget my memories with this game, yes it was different from the regular Crash series, but it was She is the one who made me try the rest of the parts to get in touch with this series and go to my heart and remain engraved in my mind to this day until Activision decides to bring us a remake for about three months through N'Sane Trilogy, and I remember being back as a kid when the game was released and this day is our date With a new game from scratch: Crash Bandicoot 4 it's time

Circumstances have changed because for the first time in years we have a new game from Crash Bandicoot that has been designed literally from scratch and follows the events of a game released 10 years ago !! Toys For Bob decided to surprise us by announcing Crash Bandicoot 4. It's time with a name that bears the name of the truth because the game is actually about time factor and at the same time it's a good comeback that isn't. It wasn't too late, and I can't tell you how happy I am with this game. I'm already taking our review today, I'm happy !! Let's go ..

A welcome return to Bandicoots and beloved nostalgia, with a new frame for history!

What do I say about Crash Bandicoot 4 it's time ?? I can summarize it as close to the heart, cheerful, welcoming newcomers to the next-generation franchise while bringing back the sweetest memories and sweet nostalgia that developer Toys For Bob has played so often.

My feeling when I saw Crash for the first time was indescribable and my feeling when I saw Dr. N. Cortex was also awesome and all the characters in the story were attractively presented with enough space each one of these introduces itself to the newcomers as well, but overall our story like any Crash story is of course superficial in Judgment. It's an animation game, meaning you don't have to take into account the fact that you have Plot Twists, for example, drama, or those elements that you find in the story. In any game, the story here is very natural and did not surprise me, but at the same time it was very satisfying to me.

After the events of the last part of the original series, N. Cortex and Dr. Nefarious Tropy with Uka Uka and their assistants, Uka Uka tries to find a time gap to create a gap in time and thus escape to another dimension of the prison they live in, which is what actually happens, but meanwhile, it happens. An imbalance in space-time, which leads to a collision of dimensions between them and thus time. with the others. Here too, Aku Aku, Crash's friend, comes out to warn him and tell him that he must collect four masks, each with superhuman ability, and by combining them he will be able to close the temporal slot and return things to theirs. Run and save the world while facing the evil Dr. N. Tropy, and of course Coco shares the journey from the start.

The story is very simple with no twists and no deviations from the principle. It is a superficial experience in which you will have a beautiful time and a story of a struggle between good and evil without any surprises and experience that will really be very close to your heart and will appreciate it very much until its end.

Crash Bandicoot 4 It's About Time is a mix of hilarious cinematic scenes with return to love for the characters!

What Crash Bandicoot 4 is really good at is the humor and sense of fun that are in the game, and I have been blamed for that, and I say it was bossy and not funny at times, but it did bring a smile to my face many other times or most of the time. Joy when there is danger, there is. Cortex, who is supposed to be a villain, but is anti-hero, if I may say his sense of humor is high. It gave the game a general air of fun that I didn't even feel the magnitude of the evil I had to face due to the constant hilarious scenes ...

What our game really excels at is that it doesn't need a lot of cinematic scenes or Crash to talk in the first place for the game to be good. Imagine our hero being kinda silent and yet kept drawn by the events of the story until the end. Of course, the nostalgia factor and childhood memories play a big part, which is a point. Congratulations on Toys For Bob.

`` The gameplay in Crash Bandicoot 4 It's About Time preserved the old look and old mechanics for nostalgia without much fumbling, but was not satisfied with being a Remake or Remaster and adding big changes in himself in order to put his own stamp on the series, perfectly balanced By Toys For Bob
Usually a huge burden falls on any developer wanting to introduce a new game or game from scratch for an old beloved series where it almost plays with fire, especially in the case of Toys For Bob. Young, but it is a challenge taken by the developer and tried to keep all parties happy through their game, which combines the old style of play for the fans with attractive gameplay and a new style that attracts any new player. .

I don't want you to worry because Crash Bandicoot 4 is about time I have retained the elements of the platform and the design of old scenes, be it the camera angles for playing in 2D and 3D at the same time and in the same motion. From Crash and Coco and their blows and how they spin with Slam action, jumping twice, crushing crates for mangoes and lots of usual detail even as opponents jump on them, and I won't forget the details of the hurdles and obstacles that require quick wit action, the right timing on your hand, and a lot of balancing factors when you're Your personality is in the air, however

What about the new changes ?? Why buy Crash 4? What defines it?
With the idea of ​​Masks revolutionizing gameplay in a revolutionary and innovative way out of the box, Toys For Bob was able to engrave its name and place its brand and personal identity in the Crash series, changes that were also necessary to break the trap of repetition and not introduce anything new into the series. ".

The developer took full advantage of the masks factor as they completely changed the gameplay and made their design much faster than before. There are four masks each with different powers and practical applications throughout the stages:

Time mask
 It can slow down time so you can quickly pass obstacles
Gravity Mask: It makes you play backwards, i.e. upside down, and this is a precedent
Dark Matter Mask: Allows you to spin more powerfully than before while bouncing high
Dimensional Mask and Status Change: This mask transfers material to you through dimensions, so that what was a certain distance away from you is now closer to you, and the squares are a good example

The normal gameplay was very fun, even if it was difficult, and I will cover this point in a special paragraph, but the masks came to change the style and style of play and were the addition that the series needs. Especially with the combination of these masks with different barriers at each stage and putting the player to a test on how to use them optimally out of the problems and trust me, the game becomes another game where one can walk on the surface with the mask of gravity or he can turn into hell with a dimension mask and change the state .

How about designing phases?
The design of the scenes that I will talk about from an official point of view and the game, as for the style of play, my first impression is that it is very diverse, there are a lot of obstacles that you will see for the first time, a lot of regular and unusual platforms, and more obstacles in creative ways to avoid them that require intuition and decisions. Fast, that gave me the feeling of quick action, which is a good thing. The masks may have come to serve the landscape design in a new way because they forced the developer to create their own platforms and barriers that you wouldn't be able to cross without using them.

"In general, the whole game is very varied and did not fall into the trap of repetition even though it is a game that depends on replayability or replay stages to achieve a new record.
Although this type of game supports continuous replay and restart phases, every experience I have had with Crash Bandicoot 4 around the time is different and the best part is that I was concerned about the news to be presented. Through each step of the previous step in order to interact with it better and I was hoping and not feeling repetitive. Finally, it is an excellent equation well woven by a well-developed secret in the word: "diversity" through the following:

Lots of characters to try!
You can play Coco, Crash, Dingodile, Tawna, and even Neo Cortex itself, which means that even if you complete the game, you'll re-experience each hero's abilities due to the fact that each one of them is completely different. Coco and Crash, on the one hand, are known for their double-hop, but it's an ability that Cortex can't and swap out for their platform-turning weapon that lets you jump high.

Tawna has a grappling hook or craft hook that allows her to move faster across barriers and smash distant chests. As for Dingodile, he provided them with a vacuum weapon capable of smashing all chests from afar and throwing TNT boxes at opponents without contacting them and many more examples.

Freaks more and more!
If you get tired of the story, you can participate in a lot of the content our game has to offer, like N'Verted Mode, which mirrors the look of the scene as if you were looking at yourself in the mirror and telling you so. Try in a different and fun way even at the same stage you went through, there are special missions for Tawna, Dingodile and Cortex and you can play with them with a story frame explaining how they got to Crash through dimensions, for example, do you have Chambers quests that take you back to the era of the 90s to a time In it, Crash was a prisoner in Cortex and trying to escape adds heightened nostalgia, beauty and most of all? Diversity ..

Design the world itself!
You played on the surface of an island, in the age of dinosaurs and volcanoes, in space, in ancient Japan, in the snow, in the city and more, and every step or area in between. They have their own personality that is very different from one another and it's one of Toys For Bob's way to create more variety and kill boredom. For more than a moment, I ponder the worldview of each region, and how many details there are to fill every inch of the screen.

There's always an incentive to come back and repeat the steps!
Yes, during the stages you will find some gems that if you collect a specific number for each stage, you can unlock different skins for both Crash and Coco. Normal or non-inverted position

Fight the bosses!
Between each fight and the next, there was also more variety in the form of blows from each boss, and how to counter them with masks optimally as well, but perhaps the downside here is laziness. Seemingly to develop different methods of eliminating leaders. It is possible to present a different line for each boss with different terminations, but that's fine.

Finally, internet modes!
In terms of cooperative play, it is the possibility to play between friends of 2 to 4 players within the same story scene.

Checkpoint Race has been developed where you face the rest of the players in racing mode to reach the checkpoints spread over the entire stage during a period of time, of course, and the winner is the one who can reach the largest number of checkpoints against its competitors.

Crate Combo mode in which you face your friends who will break as many game tiles as possible.

What I can say on the internet is that it is very fun and a good way to preserve the game in the long run, but sharing will be better with other flair if you play with friends.

Hell is in trouble, hard and literally provocative alienation!
I know the challenge in all platform games is an essential part, and I love games that challenge me in general, but Toys For Bob in the '90s seems to have forgotten that we lived in childhood, and anyone who has gone through this period will understand what I'm talking about, the idea that past games were difficult And tough. Just because he wants it, and most of the time, the difficulty isn't so much in its stages as with technical issues or issues like camera, obstacle design and other things.

As usual with any game, Crash Bandicoot 4 the time has come: unnatural speed, fast movement, and super-fast decision making that won't stop and show up to you. Pity or it will not give you any chance to understand plus it asks you not to lose a lot to get a better record, but the idea is that you will definitely lose, you should be able to memorize the step better and thus avoid a barrier or obstacle in a way that you cannot avoid the first time unless I was lucky, of course.

I can say the control point spread was pretty good, but other than that it was so hell I would have broken the joystick until I remembered that at a thousand pounds. Ask forgiveness of God until he calms down. The biggest problem is with obstacle design, you may find yourself having to do more than one thing at once or go from moving terrain and jumping through thorns quickly to grab a rope in it. The melody that will not happen to you when it comes to you to fall and face your death or when more than one opponent passes by relying on successive jumps and an estimate of where you will fall perfectly, otherwise you will die too

Once the masks got into the topic, the topic became more difficult, which is self-evident. I have supernatural abilities and the game will not leave me in my current state of course, and I remember a stage where I went a long way without dying except for two times to literally stand at a point that requires doing three things at the same time and pressing more than one button and I can say I am fifty times dead until I pass it fifty times Without the slightest exaggeration !! Of course, the tension was there.

At times I felt like the game wanted me to lose against my will, with nearly impossible demands hinging on the right timing, and there was no explanation. The problem is, it's the easy or the modern stage, where you can play in Retro mode, which only gives you three lives during the stage and if you're going to get that experience that's for sure. You have to turn to n any health insurance company to find someone who can treat you for angina or chronic high blood pressure.

The second problem was the camera angles that magnified the first problem!
Filming angles almost gave me a stroke because I didn't see much in front of me and its problem is magnified when it's in 2D mode and here and below you don't know what's next to your face or what is the next obstacle, so this point was another hell in itself where the camera didn't leave me time nor A place to be ready for what is coming to me, and should I just do astrology, live together, or have perfect luck and it just wasn't like that.

But the camera problem takes a different turn when it flies in the air and wants to fall into a certain place, and although there is a yellow guide circle under each character, it didn't help me because the angle didn't give me the preview camera I need to know exactly where I should drop and it didn't make me appreciate Adequate distances, especially with 2D too, so I often thought the platform could have stood close to me, which it wasn't, and vice versa as well.

The last problem is the lack of instructions during the stage!
I literally found myself lost several times because of the different colors and the many details in the same scene, which made it exempt from the appearance of the shady road, for example, so either I took the wrong path and passed away or I was awake for a while in a really fast-paced game, so I knew which path Gotta take it or take it and it's now.

The colors and details of the game were a double edged sword!
In fact, I have never seen a Crash game in my life with such bright and attractive colors on nature as I saw here, and the problem applies to the amount of detail and Draw Distance that is present in every region of the diverse world which made me wake up to take a quick screenshot of course, which are pretty and decorative things Great of course, but it influenced the style of play, which made me focus on it. It's on the road and the result? This is the previous paragraph, as I told you, because of these details I couldn't figure out which direction to go even though it was a linear game in the first place, and I often don't know I didn't see the barrier even though it was in front of me, “It looks as if the barriers hide the game world. "

Graphics and sound!
As I mentioned above, the graphics are a masterpiece and remind me of N'Sane Trilogy, the animation is new for all the characters and the game looks brighter and smoother too, sure, the character design is tiring and it's obviously designed from scratch.

The graphics are cartoonish, yet it provides an excellent touch and elegance to Draw Distance and the number of details that appear from far or near, and I will not forget the password, the colors that were very lively and added a beautiful intelligence in line with the game's sense of humor and I felt that it was very attractive.

As for music, it is the silent warrior here, the fact that I tried the game without music and found it literally devoid of any soul and felt the value of the music factor here even though I didn't feel it and the fact that each scene has its own music so it is varied in line with the general atmosphere of the game and the situations that Occur. Every step didn't bother me or me in my games either, so it's a positive addition anyway.

Crash is back in power, as the Toys For Bob team gets to the challenging equation of preserving the nostalgia and legacy of the Crash series without much philosophizing while devising a revolutionary idea with masks that didn't. It only kept the old gameplay and design of the scenes, but also added the developer's footprint and completely revitalized the game, but in the midst of that, the developer forgot himself and created a very difficult game that bothered me and took me many times


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