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Do you know that the Sarmadion Phoenix is ​​coming ??

A beautiful world to explore, an entertaining game system with distinct content and beautiful scenes, a slow start to the game, a bad user interface and many copied ideas.

Sarmadion Phoenix up offers an entertaining and fun game adventure experience and at the same time irony with its story and the way it is said, the game is clearly inspired by other games Very, it may not be a major defect under implementation.

Sometimes the game offers you a better experience than what we expect with it in a big way, as watching the Sardinian Phoenix game for the first time when it was revealed in 2019 and a completely different title, the game did not receive all the attention for me, and watching More of the game After a long absence, I felt that it was a game from these two games in particular, but it also adds its own touches, and its sarcastic and attractive narration, and its colorful world. So it's time to review the Sardine Phoenix Game up. 

Phoenix even is a game of adventure and action in the third perspective, in which we will play the character "Phoenix", a Greek fighter who finds himself on an island and his mission is to save the Greek gods from trying to avenge them after their previous exile. You can choose to fight the adventure character of the phoenix as "male" or "Female" Prometheus and Zeus are the ones who tell us a story and ironically and with a lot of jokes between them. The fact of the matter gives the game a sparkle of all seriousness and realism that we have seen from the games that he borrowed from his ideas to a large extent, even if it is for Greek work, but ironically this is Throwing can vary with the level of admiration the two players have.

Phoenix begins the adventure as a warrior who misses everything, and here begins the task of trying to collect different powers of weapons, wings and special abilities as well, and this is done through special missions or trenches where you go beyond the puzzles until you reach the end of the scene and with it you get a special ability, the game begins with the sword And the blow. The strong and heavy ax and enjoy the first facing weak enemies while the second is for enemies who use shields and try to mix them up for successive strikes or combos, and there is a button to avoid and there is also an arrow that you get as you progress the game.

The R1 button to perform a small sword strike and get ready to press a lot while the R2 button to use the ax and it repeats over time by hitting and dodging until you start to obtain special abilities that benefit from the battle, for example there is power such as sword and ax.

Also using the arrow allows you two ways to hit "there is a normal arrow or moving arrow shooting which is also special abilities that you need to get to use, avoid button plays an important role also the need to get out of the enemies in time before they reach you, which will allow You to slow down the time also just like the game is an absolute necessity for the game to navigate its world and also use it to fight and execute some of their shots.

The general combat system is very simple, and there are developments for everything in it, the Phoenix himself will have to develop his energy and also his fitness rate to be able to climb a longer distance and also to run at a longer speed and to fly and fly longer, some areas of the game world will need a wonderful fitness to reach, A simple and permanent solution. You can purchase these developments for real money from Ubisoft.

There are trenches that play the main role in the game that depends on solving puzzles to progress, well every time you get a new energy or a new destiny, you will encounter a trench that tries to use this energy to move forward, for example there is a trench whose main idea is to try to put the balls in the ground . The main objective of the game is to try to save or help 4 great warriors so that they can help you defeat the evil giants, well where did we see this story before? Yes, it is the same idea from the main story of the game Zelda Breath of the Wild but different here we do things the Greek sarcasm shoulder, stole the events, the world will make a game for one of the statues of the great fighters and from here his adventure begins, them turned into chickens! And they all want help by going through the trenches in their area so you are ready for their strength and with your strength and your abilities increasing until all missions are completed.

The game progresses with animation or Shedd style, there are not many details about the characters and the world but there are many colors, the game world is very beautiful sometimes and other times with a little boring graphics especially the characters and enemies and personally I did not like the way the hero of the game was designed so With different environments between its departments. And a great variety of arts, the fact that this game looks impressive at times when looking at its living world.

The game also features a very distinctive musicality and voice acting for all the characters in the Scottish accent that gives a beautiful character to the events, especially with Prometheus and Zeus comments for the events. Ironically, what is rebuked for the game's graphics is sometimes the limited animation of strokes and movement in general, and also some of the second areas were Much better than experience.

The game offers more than 25 hours with the main adventure and much longer hours if you want to get everything and develop all the abilities and weapons, the content of the game is very excellent and a completely new title This experience is very good from Ubisoft and the character is out of the ordinary, the game may have really inspired Much of the number is very limited so this trade is welcome, especially for those who love the world of Greek fire myths. Sarmidion Phoenix even is a very good attempt from Ubisoft for a completely new title and also a departure from the usual corporate gaming style, it is not a future open world game with a dark character and not an old testament game with a dark story, but here we get an entertaining adventure game with a dark story