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Analysis of the shock of Zamalek in front of the locality and return to the beautiful time

As for the match between Zamalek and Ghazal El Mahalla, there is nothing to say except that the white vanilla team deservedly deserves a 1/2 defeat for this glorious and glorious rising team.
Zamalek players wasted many chances to score in the second half .. Their performance was characterized by clumsiness (and accent) and inaccurate passes and shots, which contributed to the defeat at the last minute of extra time.

The defending champions gave up their positions to take part in the offensive waves under coach Pacheco's instruction hoping to regain victory after a surprise goal from the area 21 minutes before the end of the first time.

Based on this tactical error ... instead of preserving the victory, they were struck with a draw by the opposing team. Not only that, but in the last minute of wasted time came the second surprise and a lightning goal to win the match.

There is no comment on what happened except that the players of Zamalek dominated in this match a state of neglect due to excessive confidence, especially after their 4/1 victory over the clearing. Congratulations to the Al-Falaheen team and its coach for this victory that disrupted the march of Zamalek .. This is the club's first defeat, and it is the great defeat in the league this season, and therefore it can be described as an exciting club camp.

The pyramids were the best

Without the original players.

While I appreciated the potential of Al-Ahly players, Ahmed Fathy and Ramdan Sobhi, who had moved to the pyramids, they did not add anything to this promising club .. and by tracking the pyramid matches after the joining of two players who have Shanna and a ring ..

I can say that this team had the best performances and results last season without it. Even Abdullah Al-Saeed, the star who was shining all over the pyramids, was also cursed and lost its luster. There is no explanation for the club team’s stumbling and defeats after its tour and reaching last season’s matches ... only that there is definitely a need for a mistake.

What does the football team witness with this club that was born a giant .. It can never be in favor of sports and the national team .. I hope and hope that the suffering of the players, which affected their enthusiasm and performance, will be corrected