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All you need to know about Chronos: Before the Ashes

The idea of ​​aging and its implications for play Innovative as well as Applied - some puzzles that come with good ideas despite their simplicity.
Below average tech level which could have been improved - gameplay is too rudimentary and character doesn't respond perfectly - limited content and lack of experience to push you to play.

In case you liked Experience the Relic: From the Ashes, there is no need to play Chronos: Before the Ashes is a fleeting experience that did not tell us anything we do not already know and appreciate what sets it apart from other experiences because it does not provide what motivates you to play in general

Leftover: From Ashes was one of the surprises of the past year, its marketing was modest, but it got the admiration of players and critics when it was released and then it sold well and here the development team decided to re-release Chronos: Before Ashes, which narrates the events before the game, Chronos was released in the year 2015.

The story is blurry first and all you know is that you are on a mission to kill the great dragon, which has caused a lot of destruction and chaos in your world and from there begins your quest, which will take you on a journey to another world to kill the dragon and its soldiers. The game will provide you with a number of explanations for its history. In a group of texts distributed here and there, some paint a clearer picture of the world in which you participate in your adventure, while the other presents the story of the scientific project that opened the doors of this world.

The game is below average on a technical level and it seems that the graphics are not improved compared to the original version the graphics are modest, but nevertheless we encountered a slight drop in frames at times as tectachers are loaded late several times and some designs in the game world are blurry

Chronos is an action and RPG game similar to the Dark Souls game series and unlike Remnant which has introduced some changes such as using firearms, Chronos is very traditional and stick to white weapons and offers all the usual elements of these games in its classic form, you have fast and powerful attacks with the ability to defend and roll like in The last minute, which allows you to hit. Powerful combined with your chosen magic ability in a short time. Kronos offers an interesting idea which is getting older, your character is 18 years old the beginning of the experience and every time you lose and come back from the last point of preservation, the character goes forward for a year, and getting older means having more experience and skills than your character Your physical strength will gradually gain in youth, but at the same time, you will be able to

From the age of 20, you will be able to choose a permanent skill every ten years, these skills include your ability to better absorb damage while defending or permanently increase the strength of your moves and other abilities that will help you complete your quest.

The challenge does not participate in a good place in Kronos. The experience is of medium difficulty and many of the reasons for your loss will be related to a non-ideal response to your character and as mentioned the movement of the character is heavy in general, which makes these situations very incoming but not very very boring.

Weapon development is through the target that is obtained from the enemies and is available in abundance that gaining experience points to reach a new level is very easy, and it will happen without effort on your part, killing a few enemies while you move in any area can increase Your level several times and your level increased.

10 hours were enough to finish the experience, which we found modest in the end, it is primitive in what the game experience offers and limited in its content, there is always the possibility of replaying with higher difficulty, but we do not know what can lead you to this due to the limited experience of the game