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 A world unprecedented in the history of the game, strong characters and an exciting story, a deep and varied game system, setting new standards for the emergence of games and pushing the computer to its current capabilities

there are a lot of technical problems, unfortunately some affect the play directly, but parking is limited to

a thirst game not casting Long, with graphical tables of graphical views, we are not in the future of time, make the game, characters and world that you will want to target enthusiastically

Witcher 3 in 2015 put the CDPR team on the map of game development greats, achieving huge technical and commercial successes and forming a fanbase for the development team looking forward to their next project. This project was announced in early 2012, but the real development process started in 2016. The project name is Cyberpunk 2077, which is an RPG that takes place in a futuristic world full of crazy techniques and exciting events. We've experienced the game as a tro gaming team many times, especially at E3 as it was shown behind closed doors, and now, after all that waiting, it's in our hands, we've spent the last few days trying it and experiencing its special moments. In this review, we'll give you the ultimate verdict on the level of the game, and whether that was what the large developer crowd was aspiring for.

Let's put it bluntly, it was a cross-generational game, but what does that mean? What you will see in the game may not belong to our current generation, but maybe another generation to come, which is like a game that someone from the future brought literally. Night City is the largest city designed for the game, and seeing the city for the first time after controlling the character reminded me to see the world of Zelda Same Wild for the first time at the start of the game, the same dazzling creative moments. Whether you look at it from a technical and engineering point of view, or hand over the game and design stages. I have never seen a city or a game world full of life, I was in the game as if I was visiting a real city, I want to go everywhere and see everything myself, sometimes at night and sometimes during the day, it's amazing. Everything in the game world is unique and individually designed by a different developer, with incredible attention to detail, even in places where it is impossible to interact with it.

The game uses different graphics and graphics techniques to give us a great view. You'll find fine materials and great employability for effects like smoke, sparks, and more. Perhaps the most unique feature of the game is the ray-tracing technology and the way the reflections put a realistic touch on all the sights in the city. This is without a doubt the most beautiful view of all the games we have ever seen, we were trying the game on PC with the RTX 3090, which is the most powerful graphics card on the market, and we were happily getting 60 pictures thanks to DLSS technology. We don't know what the game will look like on consoles, but now this game sets the new standard for gaming graphics, we think gamers will say the popular question "Can your Crysis work", but now the question will be about cyberbank and for years to come.

During the game, of course being an RPG, you will meet many characters and interact with them, and you will decide what to do and how to act. The characters in the game are a bit competent, both in terms of design and writing, and in terms of voice and acting performance. It's amazing in every sense, it's the highest in the industry to be seen in this area. And I'm not talking here about the main characters in the game who will be part of the story, but even secondary characters designed to serve a simple purpose in a secondary mission, even these are beautifully designed and deliver excellent audio performance. If the game world attracted me to explore a real game you also need to meet each one of them and learn everything about it. The overall story of the game is wonderful and exciting, and loads many touching moments, whether sad or happy, laughing or crying.

Your destiny is in your hands

In the game, you will first be able to choose the background of your character, and how it comes from three options, then you will embark on the adventure to discover the world of the game, and certainly to make important decisions that will affect the course of history. While we were playing, we were able to complete the game in just over 30 hours, and we had played a lot of side quests, however a lot remained and we weren't finding out more. This is definitely a huge game, especially since we didn't understand the other available scenarios and endings.

During the game you will be able to wander around a large city similar to GTA, and there is a lot to do in the city to visit retail stores, perform missions and engage in various activities. There are many cars and vehicles to buy and use. The main missions will appear both on the map and in menus, and you'll constantly get secondary missions, some small and fast, and some long with their own story. We are happy to tell you that the work was great fun and diversification, both main and subsidiary, and even if we finished the game, but we just think again and experience everything that we missed, no matter how great.

If you've ever tried Deus Ex or maybe even watch dogs, you'll find a lot of things familiar here, from CCTV hacks to various spying methods. Personally, I prefer this course, it's more difficult and requires more thought. But the game, of course, in some cases forced me to fight, and from this point of view the game offers the usual shooting experience. There is also an option for hand or hand combat, and it is designed in a very simple way where you can block and dodge, and perform a light or strong blow, and here you will find a fitness indicator that will play a role in determining the number of strokes that you can perform manually.

The game offers a wide range of missions, there are car chases and animated shots, there is espionage to steal data, and also some missions require you to rescue a hostage, and there are sometimes circumstances and optional objectives if you want to work. Multitasking fans will love the game, as it provides you with many options to face situations, such as choosing to enter through the main door as Rambo, finding a way to the back door or maybe even jumping from the ceiling through a small hole.

As we have seen in the design of the missions and the game world and their characters, you will find that when you enter the menus of the game, there are many development trees and customization options for the various things that you do. You are, after all, half human and half machine, just as you touch the clothes you wear as in other role-playing games, prosthetics and software that you store in your body. The development tree options will be important to you while playing, some chat options will require a certain level in a certain tree, and some doors or computers will require that a certain level be torn down or unlocked. If you choose the fighting path, you can get very important abilities that will make you superman.

Technical problems

Unfortunately, games of this size are often used because of technical bugs or errors, they say, some of them, despite long attempts to adjust, the team cannot fix them all. But what cannot be overlooked are the technical errors that affect the gameplay, and we have found them in this game and encountered them many times. But the development team promised us an update or patch will arrive on release day, which should solve many of these issues. Unfortunately, we waited for this update to give a final opinion, but we discovered that it did not solve some problems and the other left, and to this day we see a man walking in the air, sitting in a hidden chair, breaking through the wall, and other problems here and there. The game will need at least several months of fixes to look more polished and free of most bugs, it's a real shame.

Middle Eastern version

Before closing, we'd like to talk about something important in the game, which has to do with the Middle Eastern version. The development team provided an option in all global versions to prevent nudity in the game, and this option will be mandatory in the Middle East version that will not contain nudity. There is also a full text localization of the game for both menus and talks. The game uses one of the most beautiful Arabic fonts we have seen in the games, and fortunately most of them are from right to left. In terms of the level of education most of the port in a good manner, with some approved audio positions which include a literal translation not giving a more accurate meaning.

At the end of the review, all I can say to the development team, you're tired after you. Night City is an unprecedented city, and it's very unlikely that I will see anything like this for long. Cyberbank is a truly amazing tech breakthrough, proving that CDPR has reached heights we couldn't even imagine, surpassing everything they've ever done in the Witcher series. We have not seen a long game that developed Arabic as the main platform, breaking the limits of what can be done, this game has been designed graphics tools are not available yet, but will come in the future.

Do yourself a favor, and enter the world of cyberpunk 2077 at the first opportunity. Where to go on a journey to the future, to see things never seen before, to experience incredible experiences, stories, and unforgettable moments, made by CDPR like no one has done before