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A complete and complete review of Wild Rift Mobile, all the details here

If you don't know Wild Rift, it's a smartphone version of the popular League Of Legends game - and here we're going to talk about developing and releasing the original version from Riot Games with the original title.

Wild Rift is trying to do something very difficult, as it tries to move the game, which is already known and has a very large fan base on the smartphone platform to deal with a completely new audience while keeping the original audience of the game.

This is very difficult, and we had an example of a call of Duty mobile game that was to provide a good gaming experience, but at the same time far from the features of the original series and we felt that it was an improved version of Pubg Mobile and the game that belongs to the call Of Duty series.

Also, do not forget that Wild Rift is trying to transfer the MOBA experience to your smartphone, and as we know, these games are very competitive and need high player control, which is difficult to achieve on your smartphone platform.

A lot of questions revolve around this game and luckily we have tried it enough so that we can answer all these questions and see if Riot Games managed to pass the rich League Of Legends experience on your smartphone or not.

Before we started the review, some might think it was a late review, but in reality this was intentional because the game needed a lot of updates until it reached a solid stage where we can evaluate it, and it was unfair to evaluate it when it was released.

A competitive MOBA experience is now on the phone.

The thing that I was very worried about was that Wild Rift would turn into a version of the original game that doesn't fit the whole game like League Of Legends especially when I'm a fan of this game and I almost play it in Season Two.

Fortunately, Wild Rift has managed to preserve the detail-rich original game experience, and perhaps the most important of these features is the competitiveness of the original game.

The League Of Legends game is a very large competitive aspect and also depends entirely on the team and cooperation between one person's team cannot win the match, whatever its skill, and now the game has a very large strategic dimension. Any character can play anywhere, but each character has a specific role. And the way to play.

The wild rift has conveyed all these features, and the games are very competitive as well as the game has maintained a strategic dimension. Here you also need to choose the appropriate character for the correct role and one of the roles cannot be dispensed with, such as the jungle player for example.

Personally, I did not expect that this game should be able to retain the original experience because that is, of course, when you are going to try out the game you will not feel major differences between the original and that you will not feel like you are playing a smaller or easier version of the original.

the control.

Mobile game management is still considered a huge drawback because you use the phone screen to control the game with fake keys and buttons.

The challenge was very difficult because this game contains a very large number of important buttons and they should be clear and easily accessible.

It's completely different from battle royale games that don't need a lot of keys or at least the average Battle Royale player doesn't need a lot of keys and presses, but Wild Rift needs to control personal bots and master the four basic skills, Summoner skills, warnings, and characters on the map and back to Base and buy

So the first impression when you open the game will feel that the game is very complicated because the screen already has all the buttons, about half of the screen will reserve buttons, but when you try the game you know that this game came to us from a giant developer already, because each button is in position the correct

Some experience the game when I started to feel that controlling this game is easier than the original version, and now you may feel that I overreacted with the game, but I show the reasons.

The developer was aware of the problem, and when he was working on the game make sure, to raise intelligence, character, when executing commands, for example, when you click on tailgaters automatically the game will be understood and you can win at least the right automatically, or for example, when you want to put a character on the map

Simply, the game dealt with the problem of control with great strength, but at the same time, if you are a new player and have not tried the original game and do not know the characters in the original and what to do, you will suffer a little from the beginning, because the game contains a lot of details related to the characters and characters.

Differences and changes in Wild Rift.

The game has received a large number of changes in the basic gameplay compared to the original to make it suitable for smartphones.

For example, the number of levels in the game character decreases and in the game you can unlock the final skill in the fifth level instead of the sixth level.

In the basic version, you can get money by killing monsters and enemies or bypassing time.

But Wild Rift allows you to get money when you kill the minions and are by their side, even if you are not a killer, and this means that the player gets the most money in the fastest time to speed up the game.

All sub-bases that were before the main one have been removed and the number of towers on the map has been reduced to speed up matches.

All of these attempts aim to reduce the duration of a single match, as a league of Legends match is at least 30 minutes, and sometimes a match can reach 50 or even 60 minutes.

This is a very long time compared to a mobile game, especially when the game requires you to continue until the last minute, unlike battle royale games where you lose a game when you die.

It is a different wild rift because when you die, you will return to the game and also have to continue with the team, so you will not get any penalties in the game because you will not leave the team that you have to have all the time this period.

Games like Wild Rift are getting faster and shorter, which makes sense when a single match is around 20 minutes and can go up to 35 minutes if it's a long match.

It is a full time problem.

Although the game tries to reduce the duration of each match, it is still long and most importantly it is very competitive, which requires the player to have a complete understanding and here you are a little about the idea of ​​mobile games that you have.

This game is not suitable in any way if you are looking for a game to entertain you for a period of time, such as waiting times or public transportation, because here we are talking about a game that needs a complete and continuous refinement of the truth for a long time as well.

In this game it gets a little lost because it started to interact with the audience, which does not really exist, because the audience the original game is still playing and the phone version does not move in any way.

Well, the game does not deal with smartphone games for the audience and it is a little light on the audience who does not take the games seriously and unfortunately the game needs people who are really interested in the game.

Champions and Progress Prizes.

Since its release, the game has been getting successive updates adding more characters to the game, such as the latest update adding yordel characters, as well as temon, Tristana and Lulu.

These updates made the game on a solid foundation as well, because this game is based on the characters and their diversity of more characters, the more games were fun and there are more possibilities, which is already happening.

Like progress bonuses, the game offers many bonuses that ensure the player continues in the game, so that each level gets a certain reward, such as new characters.

Comics and music.

The highlight of this game is the graphics and the music, because the game is built entirely from scratch and only the original game has been transferred to the phone.

This means that all characters have their own graphics and while they maintain the basic form compared to the main game, the new characters have distinct movements and good design at the same time in terms of graphics and sound.

The game interface is very nice and contains all the information, it needs to be quietly and quietly especially if compared to the rest of the gaming phones and the good thing is that the game can be accessed using your Riot games account and if you do that it will transfer your friends to the list of other Riot games

For the acoustics it was a little limited, because the main interface of the music is duplicate and there is a variety despite the fact that the music is from the original game, and the game sounds are almost the same as the original game, unlike the character design.

the performance.

I tried the game on a middle class phone with very normal features, and the game on this device had no problem, and it offered stable performance with very logical battery consumption.

Also in the game there are a lot of payment adjustments that guarantee you the best performance for your phone that you own and in general, if you have a hostile or even an average phone, you will not suffer from running the game in any way.


Wild Rift game had the opportunity to provide a very abundant game experience to preserve the shine of the basic version of league of legends, but at the same time the game audience is somewhat limited by this product, as the games are very long and require a lot of concentration