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A full review of the much awaited Playstation game Days Gone

Sony has always been known for the quality and distinction of its exclusive products, in fact, the uniqueness offered by Sony is what increases the value of its platforms like the PlayStation 4, despite the Xbox One's advantage in terms of physical specifications, the titles provided by Sony allowed it to capture the most market share , We can list many exclusive shows like The Last Of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn or the Uncharted series.

And now, coinciding with the final days of PlayStation 4, Sony has released one of the world's most anticipated exclusives, Days Gone.

Days Gone took about 6 years of development, and this issue greatly raised the ceiling of expectations for the game, and the game had to offer a lot and a lot, as it is an exclusive main title. Plus the fact that the developer took all his time in the development process.

The game development studio is SIE Bend Studios, and the game is of course published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, and the development team introduces us to a new character belonging to characters from the world of PlayStation platforms, a character that you love. Massively and dominated by a somewhat wild character, the developer can introduce a new character that they can download under the Sony brand at the launch of the new PlayStation platform. This is the question we answer in this Days Gone review.

The story of the game.

Days Gone belongs to single player or single player games, and this stage of the games increases the importance of the story a lot, as it is the center of the game and the basis on which it is based.

We add to the gaming factor quality Sony's interest in the story element in most of the exclusive games for its platform.

Some people may think that the game revolves around the idea of ​​zombies and try to survive them after the world is over, but the truth is not. The events of the game happen two years after the disaster strikes and a large number of people turn into creatures known as Freakers, and this is the first point of difference. The Freakers are not zombies or the undead, but humans infected with a disease or virus from Maine that have made them revert to their primal state, or more specifically, the demolition and transformation of civilization. To simple animals with some formal distortions which are very similar to the creatures from the American movie I Am Legend, so you find them in their communities and gatherings. They also prefer the night because the light in general or daylight weakens their strength, so you find them gathered in dark and cold areas.

The story is not based on the idea of ​​surviving the Freakers' hell or even trying to clean the world from them, but rather the story revolves around the life of the hero of the game Deacon, the world of the game is stable and humans have managed to form new small communities and actually survived.

As for the hero, Deacon, he is someone who loves only three things in life: his motorcycle, his wife Sarah, and finally his friend and companion in the game, after the events of the disaster, and the deacon is separated from him. The woman begins your journey by trying to find or learn information about his wife with the help of her friend Boozer

At this stage, an organization known as Nero appears, an organization working to find a cure that eliminates this epidemic, and Deacon believes that this organization is the only entity that has information about his wife, as she fled before. With the organization.

It seems to us from the story presentation that it focuses on the personal aspects of the hero's life, not the idea of ​​The Freakers, so most of the fighting in the game's story takes place with normal humans and not with Freakers, but Freakers have other roles and importance that we include later upon reaching the gameplay.

The story of the game came at the same excellent level as the exclusive Sony stories, written carefully and in an influential way, and the idea in general allowed us to relate to the character and sympathize with it, and a simple comparison. It can be made between the story of the game that came out of nowhere and the story stage of the game World War Z that was released a few days ago, which had a great story base like the movie World War Z, but the developer missed this opportunity and provided us with a development of the story. We cannot describe the story from scratch, So we have to thank Sony for their efforts in picking the story precisely and synthesizing its most exclusive offerings.

Play style.

Days Gone belongs to the genre of action and survival games and takes place in an open world from the perspective of the third person, where the character is visible in front of you on the screen, which gives you a greater opportunity to enjoy the world around the character, which is a perfect combination known for games that rely heavily on story or individual play . Habit.

The game does not depend entirely on the idea of ​​shooting, because the amount of bullets and ammunition available is very small, so you often resort to direct fighting with hands or tools, and you can also get rid of enemies by the method of stealth, the game allows this method, and the game franchise has tried to diversify it greatly in the way of playing. Even face to face, you can organize a group of ambushes or use Molotov cocktails or bombs alongside weapons.

One of the most important things in the game is Motorcycle Hero, because there are complete missions that revolve around the motorcycle, it is not just a means of transportation around the world like the existing vehicles. In most open world games, but first there is a strong bond between the hero and the motorcycle, as it is his only mode of transportation. Secondly, sometimes the only hope for you is to escape, due to the great importance of the bike, the game has put in a lot of activities related to it, such as its developments and the periodic maintenance it does to the bike. And of course, as a player you have to make sure to refuel.

In an effort by the developer to increase the importance and role of the motorcycle, he has linked the bike to the game's Fast Travel feature. You can only use the feature when the bike is near or near you. To use the feature, you are consuming fuel and not money as usual, you will also need to scan the Freakers area to be able to use the Fast Travel feature.

As for the size of the world map for the game, it is considered medium and not the largest of the worlds nor small, which is sufficient and very wide for all activities of the game that can be played up to 60 hours of time. Collection.

The game tried to set up a set of random events to add a measure of realism and excitement, for example the day and night circle is not an abstract tool to give you a realistic impression of the world, but it is closely related to the style of play because at night the power of the contestants increases greatly, so you have to be very careful with the arrival of the evening after the occurrence Sudden malfunctions. It happens to the bike or the adventures you take when you run out of fuel and you go to fill it up again.

Like most survival games, the game has a development tree that has three main branches. The first relates to overall survival skills, which gives you more resources or allows you to manufacture yourself faster and with less materials, the second relates to melee attacks, hand strikes, personal ability to endure and run longer distances, and the third relates to weapon skills. Firearms, aiming accuracy, etc.

Despite the complexity of the gameplay and the variety of methods with which you can eliminate enemies, there are some issues with shooting in the game, such as the high level of recoil of guns, which makes the task of correction difficult and makes it difficult. Inconsistent and this is very strange as the game is exclusive to PlayStation 4 and the game control is supposed to be fully integrated and compatible with the console.

In the game world, there are different groups of people and each group stands out for something and you live alone with your friend without belonging to any group, so you will use these groups to interact with them or with them. Buy updates and developments for guns and motorcycles, but not only do people trade with them, you need to earn their trust. First, by clearing their area of ​​Freakers, or by performing certain tasks that the characters in those companies ask you to do.

The gameplay is closely related to the story, as we mentioned earlier that the story is not based on the fight against the Freakers so there is no progress in the story that is closely related in fighting the Freakers, but you can at any time try to eliminate their caves and burn them all, the fact that it is very interesting. Big but at the same time tough.

When you do an activity in the game, it rewards you very satisfactorily, because all the activities give you experience points with which you can upgrade the character, and it also provides you with a lot of raw materials that you use in some crafts or motorbike improvements.

The truth is, the gameplay, had it not been for the little control issues, would have won 100% of the points ... overall, the game was able to offer a gaming experience worthy of a PlayStation exclusive.

Fee level.

The game environments differed between forests, deserts and cold regions, but the level of graphics was very variable, and some details were very good, such as drawing trees, and sometimes the details were natural and did not present what you want. Expecting them.

Just as falling frames in the game sometimes is a bit boring, the lights in the game ultimately need some adjustment.

As for the movement, it is very good, smooth and realistic, and the movement that the enemy makes when falling is complex and realistic to a large extent.

PlayStation 4 Pro faced problems and the difficulty of playing the game at 1080 resolution on a regular basis, as there was a decrease in the number of frames from time to time, in addition to the device overheating significantly during the game, which confirms that we are in the last days of the PlayStation 4 platform even though it is a Pro version.

Vocal performance.

Space vocal performance cannot be fixed, and vocal performers have mastered their roles and emotions in a logical and consistent way with the content of the presented scene, but the biggest crisis in acting as a whole and for phonemes in particular is dubbing.

The dubbing appeared in the game in the familiar Egyptian dialect and I was a little excited about it, as I thought that the familiar dialect would allow the transfer of sentences from English to Arabic without weakening, but what is the thinness doubled, in fact I do not always understand what happens to game makers when translating or dubbing a game. Is it difficult to find a specialist in Arabic fluent in English to supervise the dubbing process?

Arabic sentences are as if they are translated through a translated program, so that you can visualize any grammatical errors such as opposite pronouns, even the intensity of the dubbed voices did not escape from the low level, so you find a very sharp scene and their quiet voices or vice versa with comic attempts to give personal characteristics to the speaker such as constant tension or Squeezing some of the letters, it's clear that the voice actors aren't overrated in the first place.

The game managed to maintain the quality of the exclusive platform, but it did not reach the quality of Horizon zero dawn or The Last of Us, but it is considered a very promising title for a new series that joins the PlayStation series