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Review of Rage 2, but something different

We didn't ask for a new part of Rage 2, but publisher Bethesda promised us a new and different experience, and if we can make a quick comparison between it and Rage 1, the differences won't grow much. So the game design and vibrant colors are the only difference, but the rest is the same. We expected a unique game because it is the union of two of the best studios that give us excellent single player experiences, Avalanche, developer of the Just Cause series and Mad Max, from which we will quote a lot. In this review, and ID Software who also coined the idea of ​​first-person shooter games. He far outperforms the rest of the studios in this genre and has developed games like Wolfenstein and Doom, Avalanche also offers open world games and ID offers unique combat style, so not to mention both !! Sure, we expect a great open world game with an amazing combat system. This is what happened with Rage 2, but unfortunately they made other mistakes in the fundamentals of the game.

the story

As usual with Rage, interest in the story comes second after the game mode, unfortunately, as the game is of a post-apocalyptic genre and lasts about 30 years after the first part, and you play the role of a character named Walker, a soldier known as Ranger, who is a group of soldiers Who have been chosen to place them. In rooms called arches or chariots to prevent them from perishing in a meteorite fall to Earth 30 years ago.

But a uniformed robot called General Cross manipulates tanks, awakens some soldiers, and leaves others in an effort to take control of the land now known as Wasteland by creating an organization called The Authority.

Of course, it's up to you to unite Wasteland in order to face this terrible menace, so you ask for help from 3 people who have already fought across Cross: John Marshall, Loosum and the World Kvasir, and with your cooperation you can create a Dagger Project in an attempt to eliminate Cross ...

Rage 2 gave a really great introduction to the characters as it contained the factors that could help them tell a great story and unforgettable situations, but unfortunately the characters were not used properly, and the studio was unsuccessful. Unlike Wolfenstein, which has used its characters well here, it is keen to develop them as you progress through the game's story. Their existence was honorary and had no role other than their primary focus in the story, and to fix that the studio could have included them in some sub-tasks, but that didn't even happen. If they are interesting this is due to the lack of a large number of sub-tasks that concern them in the first place.

Universe game

The game is of the open world type and it is short because it lasts for a maximum of 15 hours, and includes 15 hours of exploration and doing sub-activities, so you can imagine, dear reader, how wonderful the main tasks are. Rare and short, and as we said, the application of the story in the game is weak despite the presence of a wonderful environment, a good story base, a large world and great characters, but the story simply avoids all of that and rubs you superficially with all these factors, and the studio noticed that and forced the players to do a lot of sub-activities to extend the playing time and in order to achieve them. A certain level until the last mission becomes available to you, and the ending cannot be said to be so frustrating, as if the studios began to develop together, and each put their own elements that distinguished them into arguing about the story at the end.

The sub-activities of the game are divided into 3 main branches, a special branch for fighting, a branch for exploration and a branch for cars, and each branch also has many sub-activities, for example in a fighting branch, you have 3 types of enemies, they are soldiers of power, bandits, gangs and mutants, and you can eliminate On mutant nests, take out gang sites or fight their power soldiers. Your site.

 As for the exploration branch, we will talk about it in the gameplay part and finally the car part, which is very similar to Mad Max, because it contains a large number of armed cars, with different weapons, and this is for fighting tanks, through which you can create all the chaos you want. .

Game progress

Progress in the game will stop you at a roadblock in the end, the main tasks are few as we mentioned, you will stop at a crossroads, which is to do all the sub-activities of the game in order to get all the weapons, skills and developments to feel the most benefit from the game world and then go to do the last mission or try to raise your level to reach To the last mission quickly without obtaining all the weapons and skills, and postponing the rest of the sub-activities at the end of the last main mission, but then you will encounter a problem that can be summed up in the question: "What will make me look for the latest developments or search for new weapons? I have completed everything in the game." , There is no story or other missions in which I use the new weapons !! The story had to be very, very, very long so you should have been rewarded with weapons as you went through the story missions, not the exploration.

We also wanted to show the character's sub-quests in the game with additional bonuses, so that at the end of the game you end up gaining all the skills and weapons the game gives you, and this will increase the number of hours. From game time to up to 50 hours, for example, I personally completed the game in 13 hours and after finishing it felt like I didn't have to waste any more time exploring new weapons, as there weren't there were no missions to use them. Ridge 2 is a poor game leaving sub-activities left to the story which is unfortunately very frustrating.

Play style

As for the gameplay, which is the cornerstone of this game, I can say with confidence that the combat system is considered the best in gaming history, which is not surprising to the studio. Like the ID software, the control is excellent, the character's sense of movement and the weight is very nice, the weapons are very diverse, and there are no sniper weapons due to desire. Developers to experience the game's bloody and violent atmosphere up close, all the weapons you want to imagine that help you destroy are available in Rage 2 from regular pistols, machine guns, grenades and shotguns, you will definitely be happy to watch the mutants turn into a pool of blood and increase the animation resulting from killing your enemies. You have to have any negative energy that you might feel, so consider playing games your way to release your negative emotions. The same goes for Doom, with the special Rage 2 flavor mode.

There is a weapon called a smart missile launcher that hits missiles in sequence, and there is also a Grav arrow launcher, which you can use to target several opponents simultaneously by firing anti-gravity bullets and then hitting a button, you see your opponents flying away and finally a distinct weapon, which is Fire Storm, which Fire bullets are fired. !! Yes .. a gun !!

The game gives you an Overdrive system, and when you do, you'll enter a hysterical frenzy where you'll shoot faster, be quick and aggressive in whatever you shoot or hit.

As for skills, you have Vortex, which is a skill that creates something like a black hole that attracts your opponents to another dimension, Slam and makes you fly through the air and then hit the ground hard to destroy your enemies, dash and you can run fast and then collide with a monster to turn into pieces, barricade is a defensive skill that creates a barrier to protect you . Heavy attack on you and finally Turret Drone and help you fight.


You can find high-level weapons or cool skills when you hit hidden arcs in the open world. You will also need nanotools, which are blue gems to use so that you can develop your weapons and also develop your interpersonal skills in the skill tree. Don't forget to upgrade your car too ... and you'll be able to reach arcs with missions. Talk to specific people in the game to show you or explore the location of the arc.

The enemies are very diverse and each enemy has a certain way to die, which will make you use all the different skills and weapons that you carry, thus the kombat becomes very diverse.

The game world is very well designed, where navigation is always fun and where there is activity in a lot of activities and the intensity of fair exploration, but it is equivalent exploration, and since we have short story telling, we only have combat and cars left, and for cars it will open for you when its sub-missions start And you depend on it a lot, and there are tasks that focus only on cars, such as destroying the enemy convoy by your car's missiles, etc., and races are also available within the game to earn money and it is part of the different activities that you will meet.

Exploring the game world in the middle of the mountains and on the side roads of the map is what will connect you with new weapons or skills through the bows, as we said. Of course, this is strange. There is nothing wrong with the story playing this role, but the role of the story narrows more, as the rewards have become derived from exploration only, and the problem is that exploration is indirect, by talking with characters in cities or by randomly meeting these places, and this Of course, the story owners are not satisfied, because the story has to play that role.

The game is devoid of special moments, although it was possible to create many of them, such as: when you open a new car and use it to complete missions on the roads, or when you get a new weapon, many enemies appear for you to try and feel its power, and boss battles are repeated often , Just a difference in their life points, or the number of rounds dying, and their attacking abilities are reserved and you can easily dodge them.

Finally, when it came to music, the combat weather was very lovely, enthusiastic, and interactive with your playing style.

In the end, to give the game its right, it has distinct fighting moments, but this is not enough without the strong story element, the basics of the game are available, but the developers were unable to mix the elements with each other to create the perfect experience that Rage 2 deserves .. Share your opinion, dear reader If you've played the game


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