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Command & Conquer Remastered Edition strategy game review

During 2020, a bunch of Remastered releases were released, all of which were so frustrating that I had to question the utility of Remster's idea in general.

This month, Command & Conquer Remastered was released, a edition that includes Command & Conquer and Red Alert.

Command & Conquer series is a passion for all players who love RTS games, and surely every RTS player has tried a part of the series before.

The Remaster version comes for the older parts of the series and the first, as the Command & Conquer part was released in 1995, when the release was announced, all the sponsored words that came with these copies were mentioned, ranging from 4K quality or AI improvements, etc.

In fact, I was not impressed with these statements at all, especially since they were very similar to the rest of the data for all versions of Remastered that were released during the current year, but after the release of the game I felt nostalgia and emotions towards this game and did not understand myself and decided to get it and here we present Command Review & Conquer Remastered So this game has - improved clone remastered idea?

Artificial intelligence.

This game is very old and has been around for 25 years, and of course the AI ​​of the original game cannot be appreciated at this time with the developments that the gaming industry has enjoyed.

In the redesigned version, the AI ​​has been greatly improved, and you'll feel soldiers have a real idea on the battlefield, but unfortunately, you'll also find a bunch of AI issues.

Personally, I had a very funny problem where a technical failure occurred in one of the cars responsible for collecting resources, the car became full of resources and the car started to revolve around the intended building and put it as if the car does not know its true path, even when the car itself was determined and I received a direct command, the car was Hovering aimlessly around the building. .

Another interesting glitch happened when some generosity attacked the special base, and when I ordered my soldiers to run on them, the shock happened behind them, but the funny thing is that they didn't move at all and kept attacking the base.

In fact, the AI ​​can be greatly improved, but that does not prevent some issues that remain unresolved, but the overall experience has been very good at this point.

Same style of play.

The remastered version of Command & Conquer keeps exactly the same original gameplay and the same missions that were released in the original games are found in the Remastered games.

Likewise, the gameplay is the same and so far the game features very fast spin, and you will always find yourself busy playing building or fighting and moving your soldiers, but in reality, you will be busy with building and warfare at the same time.

The game's strengths depend on the style of paper, stone, and scissors. Every soldier or combat unit has an advantage over one of the others, so your army should be slightly diversified.

You can also summon as many soldiers and buildings as you want as long as you have the necessary resources and with the right resources they are the main weapon of this game. Whoever has the resources on the map has the reins of power. , So always try to fight for resources.

Unfortunately, the original version of the game did not contain any soldiers' orders or strategic directions, and the remastered version kept the same approach and it was better to add a set of control commands such as formations or collection points to lower


The music from the original game has been reproduced and improved greatly, and now we have an impressive 7 hours of music, but unfortunately the music in the game is completely rock.

The music should be quite varied. Personally, I liked the music a lot, especially since I love rock, but for example I have a friend who is very embarrassed about the music and stops it so that he can enjoy the game according to him. Relish.

Either way, the game offers a very distinctive musical experience, especially if you love rock, but if you feel embarrassed by this type of music, it will be a little tiring, especially as it continues with you. From the beginning of the main menu to within missions, battles, or even download screens.


The original version of the game is very old, so we are talking about a game from 1995, and this game definitely has a graphics quality that is not compatible at all with the current generation.

For this reason, the big difference between the original and the remastered version is very clear, because the number of polygons in the remastered version is much greater than the number of polygons in the original version.

The redesigned version features a much higher resolution and this is evident in all elements of the game, from buildings and soldiers to land, plants, and water, but no lights or reflections were added to the game. .

In fact, the current designs answer a very important question, why do we make redesigned copies in the first place?

Obviously, the correct redesigned version is the one that takes us back to an old experience we enjoyed in the past in a relatively acceptable way nowadays, so it is very difficult to present a modified version of the game released soon, for example, Warcraft III originally provided a visual experience It had a lot of polygons because that was soon, so when the Remastered version came out we didn't feel much of a difference. Because the remastered version only increases precision and adds more polygons.

As for the computer-drawn syllables, they are actually very bad and you will not feel much better, or you can say that improvement is there, but it is not enough and it was better to recheck it. Its design and re-drawing, but in any case, these scenes are not long or important in the game because the game depends on the clips, it is still a natural cinematic shot, and it is one of the famous signs that distinguish the game.

The quality of these clips was actually improved to be much acceptable, but sometimes the quality was lower than the rest of the optimized clips, and I really don't remember how these clips were in the original version. But the clips we have now are very acceptable.

A very smart move has been added in the Remastered version, where you can switch between classic or new graphics at any time in the game using the ruler and when you start the game for the first time, the graphics will be in classic mode so that the game forces you to notice the difference between the two versions, and the real addition was very smart This made me as a player always notice the amount of effort put into this release.

 Online system.

The new version contains a multiplayer game, and at this point you can join other players online and play on a very large group of different maps.

You can also create your own matches and invite your friends to them, the fun part is that you can use your own maps, which you can design thanks to the map editor feature available in this version.

So far, the version servers are very stable and has no problems, of course this addition is a very big feature of Command & Conquer Remastered Edition game, and don't forget that you can also play against the computer on the online maps individually.

Performance and price.

The game performance is excellent and the game does not consume any material resources. The size of the game is a bit huge, especially when compared to other recently released strategy titles, but we must not forget that the version contains two full games with all the additions and downloadable content that were released in both Command & Conquer and Red Alert.

When mentioning the two games and add-ons, Command & Conquer Remastered only costs $ 20, and in one’s opinion, this is a very affordable price for this version compared to the game and the very large number of hours this game needs.

We also do not forget that the game is really fun, and no matter how long these games take, it will always be fun, because it is a legacy that carries the meaning of the word, and of course it is good to enjoy this game in 2020.

Who buys this copy?

Without a doubt, Command & Conquer has managed to offer an experience that is worth every dollar you pay, but at the same time, the game is not available to all players.

The game depends a lot on nostalgia and the experience is completely different if you have any memories with the game, but if you are a new player or have not tried this game, unfortunately I do not recommend this game to you. Especially with many other RTS games providing a more modern and enjoyable experience from the same series up to Like Zero Hour which was released in 2003 and provided an enjoyable experience.

If you like RTS games, you will enjoy this game, and if you like Red Alert games in general, the fun will be doubled, and finally we hope to see a whole new part of this great series soon


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