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The Zombie Army 4 Dead War review is a fun but lacking experience

We're going through a period now that I like to call it a gaming drought.
In the past two months, the titles on offer weren't very strong, but they were enough to give you a good time with nothing else. Among the titles that were shown was Zombie Army 4 Dead War, which was released earlier this month, and since we don't have much in our hands as players, I decided to try the game over the course of this month. Last period, did that raise the level of zombie games? Is it really worth a try? I'll be discussing all of this and more in our game review, let's get started ...

Note: yes yes! I know the review is a bit late, but since we're in a month without the big games, I preferred to give Zombie Army 4 Dead War some extra space and time before the final review.

an introduction :

Well what should I say? Do you know the game that the developer creates for a specific purpose? This game does not aspire to be the first or the bestseller, it certainly does not aspire to compete with the other games in the original, because it offers an experience that no one else can. In terms of genre and also releases the game in a single month devoid of any strong titles that could be covered so that his game better appears as if he is not sure of his game and his ability to compete ...

A game that does not want to upgrade itself:

This is exactly the case with Zombie Army 4 Dead War and its developer Rebellion, where he created a game that does not aim to be the best in all of its elements, but is a way for players to have fun without it. You end with it. This title isn't bad, but it's also not good in my personal experience. Focuses on the fun of the gameplay, which I highlighted excellently, but how it overlooked the other important elements that the developer feels wanting and as if they want to put it in a form that he did not do and will not, despite the possibility of exploiting certain elements of the game in a way that can be better than Was introduced.

"Zombie Army 4 Dead War has a great idea and elements, but it lacks an ambitious developer."

But why this despair? Just because this series was not from the original series as I said, this game comes from the developer and publisher Rebellion of the owner of the Sniper Elite series and the owner of the game Strange Brigade and the story Zombie Army was not originally an independent as you can see now, but it was originally a paid addition to the Sniper Elite 2 game. On behalf of the Nazi Zombie Army, and due to its success, Part 2 was released the add-on, which in turn was also successful, and in the end both add-ons were combined in an improved way or reformulated with a third addition and came out to us as Zombie Army Trilogy, which you see ubiquitous.

Without going into further detail about players disliking the studio's approach to exploiting them, the Zombie Army 4 Dead War you see came out to us following a promise from Rebellion to develop a new game since then. The beginning that differs from its predecessors, what I mean is that today we are looking for an additional project that turns into a full game, and this is why you can now understand and put yourself in the place of the game, but it answers the questions that we mentioned above, which is why the studio puts the Zombie Army series in a template and why the game is adopted On one item?

About the game:

Well, before we get into the elements of the game, the first being the story, you need to know the genre of our game today, in fact Zombie Army 4 Dead War is a game from a third point of view of the genre. Tactical shooter and you might be wondering if there is a tactician in a war with zombies and I'll answer you later. The game is also in the cooperation phase and focuses on zombies .. surprise! is not it ?

the story :

Well, that's the first item I'll give five out of ten, if not less, and which I talked about in my words about the game that overlooked a lot of important things, along with the story, in which my experience of more than ten hours (maybe less I'm a little slow playing) Never made a story in the first place.

"The story does not advance the interest of the mutiny."

All there is to know is that Adolf Hitler returned during WWII and managed to find a way to get his army back from the dead in the form of zombies. Here's your turn for you. Get rid of him and Hitler in a very superficial horse-drawn scenario that the other elements of the game have frankly made up of: what all revolt was about.

So you feel that you have developed an interesting style of play and then remember that there is a story stage to be set up, so they tried to force the players to it, but it was not successful of course, as I mentioned that this game is designed to show the gameplay and not the story in any way, so do not put high hopes On a deep story or something.

Play style

Fun to the max!

We come to the most important part of Zombie Army 4 Dead War, which the developer focused on for its release in a fun way, because I can say with confidence that the game was developed to have fun and have fun before. Everything, really this is where you will have a lot of fun while fighting zombies and the game will fulfill your desire to have a good time. Extremely.

New and old mechanics:

Due to the fact that the developer here is Rebellion, it became apparent to me throughout the game that he was influenced by his old game mechanics, as well as Sniper Elite, if you've tried these titles then you're on your way. To see exactly what I'm talking about, we have the same slow-motion camera operator with the A-piece mode where you see how the bullet spreads out of your weapon and exactly how it rests on your enemy, but you watch your opponent's limbs and shot pass through in a very satisfying scene for fans of violence and blood.

We also have some animations in Strange Brigade, but Zombie Army 4 Dead War wasn't just a cut-and-paste process like you expected, so I really took some elements from other games, like the camera system that I'm talking about, but it has put in place some completely new mechanics, especially. In fighting style where he gets the semi-supernatural skills that you use to take out zombies as well as strange weapons in form, theme and effects, but what I consider to be something new to me in the genre of zombie games known for its addiction to violence and drowning your opponents with bullets etc. It forced me to keep playing very smartly, yeah it's true.

Play tactic and smart, otherwise you won't live long:

What makes Zombie Army 4 Dead War different from any kind of zombie pass is not only because it is violent and bloody, but it is based on smart play, especially since your resources are scarce. Much of what bothered me sometimes honestly because you get a little bit of ammunition and a first aid bag that you will not find easily and thus increased my fear factor and addiction to survival in a greater way, and the game has moved from just grabbing a machine gun and raining zombies to a game that made me wise in what I'm doing .

"One of the few games that rely on intelligence to take on zombies"

The secret here is that you have to constantly move on in your stead, thinking that you are the green man, like we are in Dead Rising. It will lose you a lot and make you lose the fun of the basic gameplay. Zombie armies are smart or designed to surround you intelligently, especially in narrow spaces and corridors, so you will not have to stop moving with a specific goal to get the right preference does not mean that the game is boring, but it has a magical ability that mixes intelligence with the chaos of Dead Rising in a strange but complex way.

On the mention of movement .. the character's movements are very bad !!

Since we mentioned the continuous motion factor, I would like to tell you that the camera is bad, so the game is supposed to give me freedom to move easily so that I can, for example, quickly look behind me, but choosing the angle of the camera did not work at all, it is of type Over The Type with zoom in running, so the hero occupies half of the screen so I sometimes can't see him, and I really need it to see zombies coming from behind me, for example.

Don't worry ... the game is so bloody and satisfying:

Some people will get their hands on their hearts after my words, in the end this is not a typical zombie game, don't worry about bloody games, violence that takes away your negative energy is available and the animation is more than wonderful and very satisfying, from the way blood splatters in the scene as it smashes the cage Rib of an enemy with weapons that you literally destroy, to the ability to smash zombies under your feet and help the postman camera and slow motion to mix in the desired manner and result? A game that I really liked about this.

I thought she would fall into the trap of repetition, but I was wrong!

A game of the type Zombie Army 4 Dead War can fall into a simple trap that you will answer, dear reader, and I am talking about the repetition or stereotypes that plague this type of game, and without a story the play factor became the owner of everything. Download and of course as a player I am highly susceptible to repetition boredom. The same especially when I only fight zombies.

Our game did not fall into the trap of repetition.

In fact, you may be entitled to it, and I thought about it personally at first, but I was amazed at what Rebellion did to avoid running into a common bug like this, so I still have found that the gameplay provides a different experience even when fighting the crowd, for example the method Presenting the game using environmental elements. The surrounding environment that differs from place to place, which leads to different explosions or chaos every time, did not bother me at all.

Especially since there are different types of enemies, there is the normal zombie, who walks everywhere, and the zombies carry a jet of fire alongside the bosses and by using your resources and intelligence if necessary, the factor of boredom will disappear completely.

Progression system, skill tree, and weapon mods are extremely weak:

Of course you have a skill tree so you will feel some differences in the game when you gain some of them, but this is not necessary or does not play a major factor in your success from your failure as it is not. Not a large number and therefore very dark. It doesn't seem like it has a role, that's not all, but the game faces a gigantic problem, which is the number of weapons and the modification system on them. In Zombies, the weapons vary naturally and the many scenarios to cause chaos, but I was very disappointed when I saw that all I possessed were pistols. And sniper rifles and rifles of course, even the modification method for them was not profound and in fact I don't remember changing the weapon with which the game started.

You have a progression system in each chapter similar to Dead Rising that counts the number of combos you've made and of course increases the XP you collect to advance to the next level, that's a good plus but I felt it wasn't like that, or rather my general sense of that whole paragraph.

Concept of the world:

I really like the subtlety of the game's detail which is part of the reason why the boredom is spent because studio Rebellion did a great job of photographing this wartime and everywhere I visit because it had its own details that it had that made my experience so good in that regard.

Not to mention, the world is full of things that you can do and destroy or use to better eliminate zombies so that you feel as if you live around you and have your own unique personality.


It's not cool, but it's not bad, there are definitely the best, but for some reason, developer Rebellion doesn't want to develop a revolutionary game in terms of graphics, but it has interfered with the universal design element that I mentioned in the previous paragraph and the studio could build on that, from Technically speaking my experience on the regular PS4 platform was good with no issues that could crash the game.


Zombie Army 4 Dead War game gives you what you want to spend more and more fun time with to crush zombies in different shapes and in a very bloody, violent and very satisfying environment using tactics and skills. Intelligence also in general to defeat the hordes you encounter, but you dropped other important elements such as the story, the deeper gameplay, in terms of progress, weapons and graphics, would have been better, as if the studio already had more abilities, but refused to use them to limit the name of the game to the model of Inevitable from him.

"Focusing on one element undermined the game's potential, which could have been better."

In the end, this is the kind of games I would recommend you to try or buy during the discount period to save your money, because you will never miss anything huge