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NFS Heat review of gameplay and racing genres

I wasn't a fan of NFS Heat at all when it was first announced, so thanks to my experience with the NFS series with all its previous parts, this game wasn't the key or the flagship part that I was promoted to take the program's help in Lost Glory, but I realized I was wrong How did I change my vision of NFS Heat? We tell you about all this and more in our review of NFS Heat, the final installment of the old Need For Speed ​​series !!

an introduction

The Need For Speed ​​series has seen a lot of development during its old journey, starting with smash success in the early parts, then disappointment, then another success and degradation, etc. Despite the slight differences between the parties, the series has many fans, and during the last period, NFS did not go through its best conditions until Payback came, which is a positive thing. In many ways except for the microtransactions factor and how I got the parts to be modified but other than that the game was great in terms of the variety of cars, activities and global content and from control to characters and the entertaining conversations going on between them and NFS. The heat issue was solved through microtransactions, but the game came at a lower level in some other aspects

It is neither eclectic nor revolutionary, but rather sets the series on the right path !!

One of the reasons for not liking the game for the first time is the lack of a special identity that distinguishes it from the rest of the previous parts, and this issue bothered me a lot. I have been a fan of the series since childhood. I tried all its previous parts, but I was waiting for this game that will come with a revolutionary or innovative idea to add something that has not been done since then, unfortunately, I am sad to say that these innovations and pioneering are waiting for me, dear reader, they are not part of the NFS Heat section, so This isn't the favorite game we think will be in Need For Speed ​​to compete with Forza, for example.

I only gave the game enough opportunity when I tried it a few days ago, and at that point I saw I was wrong to quickly judge the game, so yeah, it wasn't like that. It's still not pioneering at all, but it offers a lot of positives that I haven't seen in a while, so it looks like Ghost Games studio is starting to learn the mistakes of the past and this talk also applies to EA, because I saw elements from the previous parts mixed with each other, but they were All positive in a way that made me say NFS Heat put the series back on track for the first time after a long absence of years.

An old mixture that works and returns to the roots !!

It's no secret to all of us that the flurry of creativity streak has stopped at EA, or particularly Ghost Games, and we haven't seen a branded or branded game. Official races and streets in an eye-catching night look that we will not forget, and if I ask you about Most Wanted, the answer will be the police chase and the idea of ​​the blacklist and about carbon, the valley and its races will be the biggest point of interest and other previous parts

Adorable items!

As you can see, there is always a point to differentiate each part to avoid repetition. For NFS Heat, he did not present the mentioned new game, which is the first negative point, but he did not go far in his thoughts as he committed to an intense presence of the elements. The most successful of the previous games with the necessary modification and the result was a game without a single identity, but the beloved memories come back to us and hearts come very quickly, so I have no objection to trying a game that contains old ideas as long as they approach what I saw when I was young, and thus NFS Heat managed to turn a point Negative from its identity to a great character.Many people may disagree with me on this topic, but I felt that the game managed to return to the roots as we like to say in the language of the game

the story !

In fact, the story does not interest me in racing. Over the past few years, this has been the least interesting component of the studio, although in the past the series was known for the splendor and subtlety of its story, and for you on Most Wanted this is one example, but I don't. I didn't expect the story to be good. . And I can't say it was cool, because it's the same usual story idea where you start out with a professional chauffeur working his way through the races to win the new city to be the best and the fastest.

But she served the game very well and was not weak at all, starting with the characters, that the game begins with presenting you one by one and having an effective and important female role as we have. We are used to the games these days, but what caught our attention is the interest in the police, next to them the Mercer Police Officer is not only limited to the cars that chase you, but they have characters that play a big role in the story, a new stage that NFS is not used to.

Mercer threatens all street racers with the utmost penalties in his quest to eliminate street races altogether in Palm City, and on the other hand, you control a character of your choice to start your journey to be the best in debate. We've seen it time and time again. The war between police and street racers is never ending.

Gameplay and  racing types

The types of races in the game vary, but with the same usual variety, be it Sprint races, circuit races with the Drag type disappearing. Although there were some leaks circulating about the emergence of the withdrawal idea in the form of a recent update, I did not feel the importance of its existence because it will not add much

Also, there are Drift races, which are very different from their predecessors, so instead of using the handbrake to do it like we did before, Drift relies on the car's engine and traction. The tires are on the road in order to simulate the reality of the game a little in principle but in terms of truth we have not seen any changes, on the contrary, the Drift system is very automatic, because it works automatically when you raise the throttle button ladder and press it again and finally another kind of racing, It is off-road, which is done on rough and sandy roads.


A fun and rewarding arcade game!

We all know that Need For Speed ​​series has been and still is heading towards Arcade gameplay because it is not the real Forza or the realistic racing simulation games but it does not reach the level of Mario Kart games. For example, this is what sets it apart because it has a good compromise in the genre and the fact that NFS Heat has confirmed that moderation, on the contrary, provides a very enjoyable gameplay in terms of drifting, general road handling, the shape of the tracks, and finally an attractive driving system. You can modify it the way or mode you want to make the car smooth to drive and all this also keep some realism and creativity and thus a good balance serving style. To play

Very fun running experience!

NFS Heat dispensed with the provocation that bothered us when we bumped into obstacles on the road during the race so it let itself kick off a little bit so the car can now break through fences or break through solid palm trees like s.It was a piece of paper, for example, and then this addition gave me the feeling that I I am not invincible and nothing can stand in my way. The race and thus the situations that caused my tension have decreased a lot, and racing has become its own pleasure, and this addition is a double-edged sword, so it will give you a lot of comfort in the race, but it was part of the realism of the race. Play with him. On the flip side, we find that an addition like this reinforced the benign arcade style.

The races do not stop, whether day or night !!

The NFS Heat leak is in being able to play either in legal races on a track setting called Sanctioned Daytime Races, reminiscent of NFS Prostreet for the money you want to buy a new car or other parts for. Editing, or by night running, the night matter is different. Completely and the game environment will be something else, you are now free to participate in any race from which you get reputation points or RP, which allows you to develop your car parts to the next level but you have to be careful because the police will intervene at any time and anywhere to stop you in various ways, Even during the session. The race and of course you have to run away from them

So you cannot do without one phase unlike the other so what you earn at night will help you in the day, so the two phases complement each other in a way that I thought was excellent and very balanced. Especially the feeling of the big difference in the gameplay that I felt between day and night. Each environment will introduce something new in its packaging that will distinguish each stage. They are thus eliminating boredom

One of the advantages of this progressive method is the ability to set goals and work to achieve them. If you aspire to get a coin, you will focus more on night races in order to develop them, and if you want to buy. A new car, for example, will set yourself the goals that you will need to achieve in order to reach your target during the day's races, for example, etc. But the negative point is that this episode will have a time and an end, so at the end of the game you will be able to open all the rooms by running at night, and thus you will have less fun or feel bored because it will not reward you with something else. , Unlike the daily phase, which will always give you money to buy something. You want to focus on the stage

The police will literally make you hate the game !!

Let's get into some negative points, the first of which is the police, which I found very strange to be overcome, and I will not exaggerate when I say that I have passed a lot of policemen in the previous sections and that I have always found that the Most Wanted 2005 line is the most difficult of them, they have dug in my memory Some painful and difficult memories that I will not forget, but NFS Heat can take first place now at this point and I do not overdo it, so it is almost impossible when you reach a certain level of heat that you gain through riot or run illegally.

The police don't give you enough time to run when hitting something, because you'll always find them around you from all sides and you'll start pushing the car, whether it's left or right, to hit you in the face. Flip all the obstacles and I will not forget the rhino vehicles or the thorns placed on the road and other things that will make the night experience bittersweet for you, especially when you climb to the third level of heat, then things take an overrated and totally impossible direction.

The problem here is that all of the parts or RPs I need to get a unlocked upgrade go beyond the 3rd, 4th, and 5th heat levels, so the risk is inevitable, and what makes matters worse is that. If you get caught, you'll lose all of your progress and lose half of the RP you earned on that tiring night. This is a big negative point that the developer should meet again in order not to push people away from the game.

A little easy or hard bitter!

Another point I didn't like is the game's AI, whether in chases or races. Either you feel the race so easy that you are in first place and hold it until the end without a competition, or you find the race so difficult that you cannot jump to the penultimate position !! Therefore, artificial intelligence needs to be developed

Modification style is the treasure of the game !!

What I consider a game treasure is the customization method that removed cards in NFS Payback, put things back on track, and loved having a decent number of coins for them. Change and develop them constantly, so that you can modify the car in detail and in every little and large from the engine, suspension, chassis and even access to the exhaust which is very impressive and realistic in terms of sound quality

What distinguishes NFS Heat from others is that you will feel the difference between owning a part or not, as each part will modify something in the car and you will be able to notice this addition within the race. , So changing from room to room will have a very noticeable effect during a race. Even with changing the parts of the car, you will feel the result of what I changed and what I deleted or what I added, thus linking me to one car, so I started to care about developing it and instead of spending the money that I earn on worthless things I used to store it to get a piece of what I develop my car with. More

Your car, your design and your decision!

NFS Heat adds a nice tweak that gets around the Payback method. In the previous part, you bought the car without your knowledge. Is it suitable for normal roads, dirt, or drifting? It was necessary to test drive the car after purchasing it to know what you are going to do, which is completely different in Heat thanks to an indicator or a small graph that shows you the type of car and its strengths, whether its strengths in its races on the dirt or on the highways etc. You have good vision and good analysis. Before diving into type to start developing your build based on your type of vehicle, expect very poor performance if you install parts in dirt or build on a vehicle designed for drift and vice versa.

The interesting thing is that there are types of cars that have two advantages instead of one, such as being dedicated to road racing and drifting together, thus this is a good opportunity to save money and make your car available on more than one type of race at the same time without the need for another car.

An infinite number of cars!

Who doesn't like cars in one game ?? NFS Heat showcased an impressive range of different car brands with up to 100 cars to suit all tastes from classic cars, American muscle cars, sports cars or exotic cars and more, so you will definitely find the one you like.

Features and great sound, but the performance? !!

The graphics of the cars are great as I noticed the subtlety of detail which is what NFS Heat focuses on, and the tracks were excellent especially on the side of the reflections on the water surfaces next to the map dense with different activities, but in performance the textures were not as required and sometimes the front view of buildings or roads occurred. Very annoying, plus the tires have fallen off many times

But what I want to focus on are the weather effects inside the game, which are very realistic in the presence of rain, which change direction with the change in the direction of the wind and find it falling diagonally. Thanks to the speed of your driving, because I noticed the disappearance of drops, for example when I am under the roof of a building or a canopy in small details, and this expresses the great interest in this point in addition to the huge difference in the sound of the game, whether from the exhaust to the collision of the car with something, etc.

Finally, the city feels a lot more vibrant, especially at night, and has a lot of memories of NFS Underground. It also contains many environmentally friendly spaces. There is the city, the countryside, the mountains, and the highways all of which are good spots.

NFS Heat appeared on an unknown model, but with a mix of cool old things setting the series on the right track, or that's what we hope will at least be our test of NFS Heat, share your opinion