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Then the two giants met again years later

The history of the Al-Ahly club, new to face Bayern Munich in the semi-finals of the Club World Cup, has reached the fourth meeting in the history of the giants, but it is the first official match between the two teams, where the two teams met three times before, and this was their first meeting in 1977 in the stadium Cairo

Then the two giants met again years later, more precisely in 1984, and ended with the victory of the German giants 2-1, goals scored by Bayern Matthias, which is considered one of the best midfielders in history, Samir Fawzi managed to score Al-Ahly's goal, and there was also Few goals.

The history of the confrontations between Al-Ahly and Bayern Munich makes the fans of the red genius yearn for a positive result against the German giants and even dream of reaching the final of the Club World Cup, and the psychological war that Bayern Munich uses on social media through specific messages to Al-Ahly players.

This makes me send a message to Al-Ahly players, that what the European giant is using for psychological warfare is just anxiety inside them against the giant of Africa, you are already able to get a positive result against Bayern, so I have a state of confidence in Al-Ahly players and their players.

I wish Egyptian fans residing in Qatar, outside of their football affiliation, to support Al-Ahly against Bayern Munich, fill the Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium and continue to encourage Red Elf players throughout the match