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I return to my original topic and ask your Excellency, what do you think?

I always say that love does not include only the lover, or father and mother, or brothers, sisters and friends, and "backage" love, combines everything that is beautiful that God created in this life.

Personally, I like places, it can be a city-state in a country, or even a village, in a small country ... or the street in any big country.

For example, on the streets, I love Paris, the Champs-Elysées, in London, Oxford Street, I love some theaters, I like almost all of London's theaters ... or I love political headquarters, I love Congress in Washington I visited..I love the Library of Congress, I entered while preparing for my master's thesis Ph.D .. I love the Vienna Gardens, where classical world music plays day and night.

Take yourself some countries or capitals that I love in the world, especially in Europe, these are the most important destinations to visit for tourists from various interests of beach tourism, entertainment cities, cultural and archaeological tourism, mountain tourism, medical tourism and nightlife, it is impossible to visit these places.

Here you are:

The Canal of Venice, called "Canal Grande" in Italian, is a canal in the center of Venice. All transfers are by small boat.

In France, the Champs-Elysées - the Eiffel Tower - the Montmartre district.

In Vienna, the opera is one of the most beautiful in the world.

In the Czech Republic, Prague is the most beautiful city in the world with the most beautiful and largest castles in the world in the capital, Prague.

In the Netherlands, koekenhof garden, its name means vegetable garden.

In Turkey, Istanbul, Sultan Ahmed Mosque is known as the Blue Mosque.

In Switzerland, the most beautiful pleasure is to spend a day among the charming Alps.

In Greece, the most beautiful city in the world, it has a history, wonderful nature, wonderful islands ... and Greek cuisine with delicious taste.

In Asia, India, the Taj Mahal, built by King Shah Jahan to commemorate his wife, is an architectural masterpiece. In China, the Great Wall of China, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

In Japan, the beautiful Kyoto gardens are full of temples.

In Indonesia, Bali island has beautiful beaches.

Dear reader, dear reader,

Some of the major cities and capitals of the world have a special taste, personality and taste.

Paris: its inhabitants - its beautiful French language - the scent of international perfumes fills its streets - the Eiffel Tower.

Rome "Italy", the smell of garlic that fills the streets with pizza and pasta, its people choking loudly, little dresses and little pockets.

France is nice - it was France ... the beaches - the women's pants - the Cannes Film Festival.

London "Great Britain" football - Hyde Park - the freshness of the people and their adherence to very old English traditions - Oxford Street.

Switzerland Geneva, one of the most beautiful lakes in the world - world class Swiss watches - discipline and punctuality for its people.

Here, Scheherazade is silent, but where will the rooster scream ?! .. Of course you and I.

■ ■■

I proudly admit that I was not nervous or worried that if the football elections were held in Egypt on the date we blackmailed FIFA to pressure us to detain them in the January they set, it would not be done .. I know FIFA games, I have dealt with them for years and I am the Minister of Sports, and I know their men and their personalities. And what are they thinking.

Yes, I hate FIFA and its men after the arrival of Blatter, whose games have known, especially in the competitions of the countries that are candidates for the World Championship. One simple thing that his matches showed me was that when he was drawn, he was playing with both red and black ball types. And how it makes a difference in the way he wants.

We mention, for example, a FIFA graduate when he asked Dr. Ali El-Din Helal, Minister of Sports Days, to help in assigning Egypt to organize the tournament .. Doctor on it

I remember the election of Blatter against the days of the president of the European Union and the pressure on Egypt to support Blatter. Raafat Abdel Azim, a committee member who traveled with Abuida and Samir Zaher, said that he should vote and not give Egypt's vote to Blatter ... and he did. I ran after Aborida.

Go back to the federation elections and the date that FIFA insisted on ... and history insisted on the Olympic Committee. I welcome the position of the Egyptian government and that of Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Sports, in their insistence that Egyptian law is first and foremost with the approval of President El-Sisi ... and Dr. Madbouly, the Prime Minister.

They dissolved the respectable Pentecostal Committee because its position was with Egyptian law and created a tripartite committee whose position is, of course, with FIFA. I tried to convince the Minister of Sports that elections should take place in the history of FIFA or that FIFA will cease its activities in Egypt .. Unfortunately, it seems that FIFA's instructions were the most important to the Troika.

Praise be to God .. Egypt witnessed a victory.

To me Majlis Ahmed Mujahid, and he said before he was a smart man and appeared, but unfortunately he was disappointed in him, and he wanted to slaughter the cat, and they all lost the lost clubs .. A lot of platitudes came: the fugitive - the recruits - the buds - and he was desperately seeking to cancel the league thinking that he May satisfy FIFA.

Here I applaud Medo International, which on behalf of everyone explained to FIFA the excesses of the Triple Committee, and unfortunately the difficult response to FIFA was not appropriate.

So Mujahid did not slaughter the cat for the league clubs .. The story of his love for people that I did not hear from him when I was Minister of Sports .. He is looking for support for Al-Ahly Club and does not know that the club is the club of principles and patriotism from its beginnings until now.

Will the mujahid continue on this path or will he have another opinion? I think he will not have a second opinion, he is obligated to pay other people's bills that they ask him to pay.

I admit that I was disappointed with a human that I saw could be something in Egyptian football, but not that way it worked.

Feeling .. He offered Sadat, Ismailia, the capital of Egypt

Many, including a number of readers in Al-Masry Al-Youm, asked me every Monday, when I noticed that I was writing a lot about love and human feelings.

The same question was asked by a listener of a beautiful program, presented by Radio Youth and Sports with the voice of the journalist Eman Azab. The listener said that our dialogue revolves around love, feelings and everything around them, he said: “Is this his time ?!” My answer was calm and I tried to get him out of this pessimism that I felt about the same question. Because without him, the world and life would be dominated by evil, hatred, hatred and jealousy ... I said: "Imagine a life without love, how do you taste?" God Almighty gave us the queen to love everything between the beloved and the beloved for marriage and rebuilding life, to make everything around us beautiful so that our eyes are happy with all the beauty that surrounds us: if you do not believe me, look at the beauty and color of the sky in the morning.,

Let me say: Was there not love in times of war, did love stop when epidemics spread? Gabriel Garcia's novel "Love in a Time of Plague" is one of the most beautiful love stories - the Russian novels Dr. Zhivago starring Omar Sharif, Anna Karenina, Love and Peace. Among the most beautiful American novels such as "Goodbye, Weapon", Ernest Hemingway, and other beautiful true stories around the world in times of wars and epidemics.

Love is eternal, it does not stop and does not die, as long as there is life, there is love. Do you agree with me, dear reader, that love crosses borders and crosses people, nationalities and religions? I hope so.

Personally, from an early age, after the death of my mother as a small child, I decided to grow up, love should be my way, it must be my principle, it must be my beginning and end, I loved everything that God created, people-religions-flowers-trees-rivers-lakes Seas - places - flowers - even desert and mountains.

Everything my eyes saw was beautiful, even if it wasn't the obvious beauty.

I loved the poetry of the great poet Elia Abomdi, especially when he said:

"Be beautiful. You see being beautiful."

I also liked all the places I visited, not just the humans.

She studied at Georgetown University in Washington, DC at the School of Foreign Affairs. Washington is a lovely little town, you can run every morning through its quiet streets.

In a meeting with President Sadat in Ismailia after the first meeting of the Council of Ministers which was held outside Cairo in my governorate office .. then I went with him to a break for him, I said that maliciously and my heart is full of courage, the President held the first meeting outside the capital .. I said: Mr. President: Why not The Ismaili capital of Egypt makes all the capitals of the world as small as Washington and Peru in Switzerland? Unfortunately, he did not continue to speak because his great foreign guest arrived to meet him, so far I do not know if he had answered me and what his answer would be ... Knowledge is with God.

As in America, Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orlando, I love the famous San Francisco song: I lost my heart in San Francisco, which means "I left my heart in San Francisco".

I think all American cities are beautiful, but in my opinion, they are like women who shape their faces, or women who have plastic surgery.

I return to my original topic and ask your Excellency, what do you think?

You can have a life without love .. Do you like to live only once in a century, then it disappears, or is it endless and continuous, but Khaled does not die? .. I leave your presence and your presence the answer.

Minnie Al-Mashaer, dedicated to the artist, Laila Elwi

■ Please Amr Diab to calm down for a while !! I don't know why he chose this path ..

■ International actor George Clooney, 59 years old, his wife, Lebanese lawyer Amal Alam El Din, 46, after 8 years of marriage, is still keen on his romantic speeches towards him since their marriage without stopping, he puts it under his pillow or on his desk, and his romantic letters continue.

■ Masterpieces of Artist Medhat Saleh Song “Habibi, Habibi-My Free Costume Birds-Milk Painting Our Dream and Us - Who Gives a Bird Fly in the Sky.” I dedicate it to the artist's friend, Laila Alwa, whom she loves.

■ I am not afraid of the Bayern Munich Premier League .. My opinion is that he will shine, present his soft ball and raise the head of the Egyptian ball
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