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During the current year, surprisingly, 2K announced that WWE 2k21 has been completely canceled and the company will take its time developing the new part of the game and not making it a title. At least annually at the present time especially after the currently failing part in the market then the company returned after that and announced another wrestling game WWE 2k Battlegrounds The game was released on September 18th for about $ 40.

WWE 2k Battlegrounds is a development by the Saber Interactive team, and the characters in-game are not as realistic as the other parts of the game, but they are somewhat like dwarves and feature a huge face and short and incoherent body, which adds a great sense of humor to the game.

Now that the official title has been canceled from the game and this version is released, has 2K managed to launch a really fun game or are we facing the same bad sports game crisis?

The idea of ​​the game.

This version is completely different from the main titles in the series, because it has no protective gear, starting with player shapes that are not asymmetric at all, they look like dwarves with huge heads.

Within the game there are also a lot of unrealistic gameplay elements such as carrying a large motorbike and using it to hit the opponent, or picking up the opponent and throwing it into the crocodile's mouth.

Even the game periods themselves aren't very realistic, for example Hell in Cell game mode has electricity on the iron cage that you have to watch out for as you climb the cage to escape.

There are a lot of unrealistic things involved in the game that gave the game a great sense of humor.

Despite this sense of humor inside the game, I noticed that the audience is completely normal, and here I felt that the game was a bit racist, and that all the elements and characters in the game must be unnatural, and this is a point made by the developer.

Play style.

WWe 2K Battlegrounds is very simple to play, the game tries to add more elements to make the experience deeper, but it fails in this area.

First, the wrestlers are divided into classes, and each class has its own characteristics and skills, and a flying wrestler does not play like a strong wrestler.

Also, three skills can be used in the match and charged during combat, and these skills can give powerful strength, strong defense, or even restore health.

As for combat, you have three indicators, the first for health, the second for energy and the third for the separate hit Finish, of course if the opponent's health level reaches zero, you can count on it quite easily. If the energy level drops, you will not be able to hit properly, but if the third indicator is full, you can reach a separate hit. .

Combat movements.

Of course, any fighting game that relies on and combines action to create more intricate and complex strikes, and that never happened in WWE 2K Battlegrounds.

Fighting moves fall into 3 classes, which are kicks, punches, and throws. Kicks and kicks have three moves each.

The first move is completely natural and the rest are separate moves and it still takes three strokes to do that as well, and I don't know the secret of the third number, so it feels like he's in full control of the game.

As for casting, it is much worse because it is completely random and the game chooses the form of movement you make during the casting process, and the game often continues to show the movement of each wrestler for a long time.

Every wrestler has specific buttons that you must use to perform compound hits, but don't worry, they are not complicated at all and are very similar.

The combat in the game simply revolves around two things, the first is to hit a series of repeated strikes in a chain, and the second is to press certain buttons at certain points to avoid the strikes of the opponent Barry.

Play stages.

The game contains a very large number of game modes, there are many multiplayer modes available and there are also many individual game modes as well, and this is enough to tell you that the game contains all kinds of matches that you can imagine in the WWE world, whether for women or men.

As for the characters, unfortunately when you start the game you will find a very limited number of characters and there are only two things in front of you, the first is that you are playing for a very, very long time in order to unlock new characters. And the second is that you buy the characters directly. Yes, because I read the game, unfortunately, it contains purchases.

Expand the story.

WWE 2K Battleground contains a Story Game mode and during this mode you'll unlock new arenas, fighting skills, and characters as you progress.

The stage was presented as a very large network divided into phases and you should ignore them, and each part of the network has a specific actor in a specific area and at a different level as well.

As for the style of presenting the story, it is presented in the form of a picture book and does not contain any film clips, and this material has little experience, especially since writing. It was so boring and most of the time I closed those stories off and walked straight to the matches.

In addition, the first parts of the network, especially the first and second champion, have no competition and will not feel fun to play, but don't worry, after that they start to improve greatly, the game starts to increase the level of difficulty.

the performance.

This game contains a bunch of very strange performance issues. First, we need to know that the game does not need massive hardware and is not a big game at all, and here the problem appears.

After the match is finished or even before the hero is chosen before the match starts, there are a few seconds left before the control settings appear, which means that you cannot press Continue or End until a few seconds have passed. It has succeeded.

For fights, there is often a noticeable drop in frames, but the worst part is that there is a cut in the implementation of the same movements, that is, by performing the movement, you will find a screen to stop and go to a very strange part of the movement, and sometimes one of the characters originally disappears for a split second and returns again Other.

Despite its relatively poor performance, this game has the best distribution of keyboard controls for a sports game I've seen in a while.

The truth is, the controls are very simple and smooth and you won't need a joystick to play it on PC unlike NBA 2k21 which originally did not care about the keyboard and had the worst commands of all time.


Well, the graphics in the game are very simple, neither great nor bad, especially considering that the game does not require solid hardware.

The colors in the game are very bright and match the interesting shape and shape of the characters in the game, as for the menus they are very good and the lines written in the game are clear and in consistent colors.

The fighting moves are a lot of fun and you feel the moves are very powerful, which of course does not make sense, but it is well designed and fun at the same time.

Music and sound.

The menus in the game contain very good music, but they are repeated to the maximum extent, it was necessary to put more tracks within this game without a doubt.

As for the voiceover, it is very bad, the voice is not heard, the sentences are repeated and the commentator begins to speak in situations that do not require speaking, especially the Arabic version, so no. It didn't come originally and I don't know who was writing this Arabic comment, but it was mostly bad.

Although commenting in Arabic is very bad, the Arabization of menus and writing in Arabic was completely acceptable and widely understood, and it was clear that the developer had only great laziness regarding the comment and there is no ignorance in the Arabic language as it happens in many games .


WWE 2K Battlegrounds is really fun and has a lot of elements of success, but the development team threw these elements to the ground and gave us a simpler, polished gameplay.

More game elements had to be added, adding a kind of depth to the gameplay, and more animation and visual effects had to be added to the game because it fell into the trap of iteration in a very wide way