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The future is ugly and bleak, but there is always someone trying to fix and save what can be saved, after four years of The Last Game and Marcus' adventure in San Francisco, and after the game was postponed several times, and the DedSec group returned again, but this time in an attempt to save and liberate London from Chaos and corruption that spreads. Across town, here's our Watch Dogs: Legion review.

the story

Watch Dogs: Legion revolves around DedSec, a group of hackers trying to rebalance and save the world. You sure know them if you've played the previous parts of the series, but if you haven't. Didn't play, it's similar to Netflix's popular series F Society. sir. Robot.

The story in this part takes us to London in the near future, where the city faces a major economic crisis that affected it and its position politically and in order to save face, a strange group called Albion, led by the master. Nigel Cass took it upon himself to protect London with its citizens and began spreading his forces everywhere until he turned into a political force. With the country dominating from the inside, Albion's true motives for control and control are slowly emerging, and of course the future DedSec group is there to solve the crisis and save London, but it hasn't. They did not realize at the time that there was another danger waiting for them, represented by the Zero Day group, which had caused more than one deliberate terrorist attack in London. .

This led to the DedSec group being held fully accountable and turning the city into a battlefield, so DedSec's position and public opinion began to crumble, and it was only here that Watch Dogs: Legion began creating an entire resistance team by hacking to respond to London's call, liberate it, and chart a new future for it.

Welcome to Resistance .. Welcome to Watch Dogs: Legion, where you can play any character from the game's world!

In Watch Dogs: Legion, you have the freedom to recruit everyone you see in the open world and choose who will be the heroes in your game and the stars in your story. You can choose characters based on their appearance, dress, and behavior, or because of their playing abilities, skills, or tools that will help you meet the game's biggest challenges.

The start of the game seems a bit slow, and this is the first downside that the game causes, as the game does not put you in the middle of the events quickly and takes time to explain everything, especially as the game tries. Introduce a new idea that is being implemented for the first time, so there is no specific 'hero' in Watch Dogs: Legion, in fact, I don't want to go into more detail in the story and I'm leaving that for you to avoid any burns, but what Ubisoft is trying to present in this way in this The slow-paced story is heavily focused on recruiting and building your own army that is supposed to liberate London you want.

For example, there is a mission in the game that requires entering a construction site, so hiring and playing with a construction worker this task will be much easier in order to navigate the mission. And keeping it quietly, of course you can use any other agent to complete the mission, but the soldiers and enemies will soon suspect you, that is, there is someone there and he will make a difficult task, using the right person for each task will make it much easier and it is a great idea "on the surface".

But I paused during the game and quickly remembered Agent 47 and the Hitman Series, and wondered why a construction worker was hired even though I could easily buy or dress workers from construction and go to that area and get the job done that way too?

Did this idea really work? To be honest, after looking at the story and going deeper into the game during my experience with it, I preferred the idea of ​​the hero that I'm talking about over the idea of ​​recruiting an item to play with, for example, I can't forget "Arthur Morgan" or "Geralt", maybe even "Marcus" And "Aiden Pierce" is from the same parts of the series, but I of course will not remember any characters in this part. The idea remains revolutionary because you can actually recruit any non-playable character in the game, whatever it is as I mentioned, and start using it as the main character and perform the tasks with it, but Here it was necessary that it was more polished than what is offered in the game.

Because it is not normal for all humans in the future to be "fighters" and ready to join DedSec, yes there are simulations of people in the game world where their actions and actions affect their opinions. And I thought of them on DedSec, but during my experience I wondered that no one turns down the draft, why is there no game world, only innocent people who don't. Don't want to fight, don't care about resistance, don't stand by Albion, or even oppose the idea of ​​resistance and take the other side even if you treat them well? Yes, there are members against DedSec, but ultimately you can recruit them one way or the other.

Even this 80-year-old woman can recruit and use it to kill and complete missions, which she finds completely unimportant.

Add to that the fact that the recruitment tasks are a bit "boring" and don't have many details. After you ask someone to join your resistance group, you will have to go on a mission where the client goes from being a "potential recruiter" to a "playable character" and over time and "becoming tired" to play this type of task over and over again.

Watching and simulating people's lives in real time and knowing what is happening to them because your help affects, negatively or positively, their thinking about resistance is one of the things that sets Watch Dogs: Line apart from any other game. , Which is a revolutionary idea with the recruiting and game system. NPC person in the game "

However, there are "skilled agents" with unique characteristics of ordinary Londoners that recruit them, and you'll find them on the green map and you can unlock them as the story progresses. .

One of the things I liked about this idea is that before the game starts you can activate the "Eternal Death" option for clients, which means that any agent who will recruit in the resistance while your story progresses will "permanently" die if he really dies in the game and will not be playable. Of course disabling this option, but I preferred to open it in order to be forced to focus more during missions and somehow punish to death, and also an opportunity to recruit more clients rather than laziness and contentment playing tasks with an agent or two.

The most interesting thing about this new gameplay is that it increases "group" role and teamwork. This is because, as the game said "Welcome to the Resistance," you and your team work to help each other, for example if you embark on a mission with an agent and you are arrested or injured. This does not necessarily mean the failure of the mission, you will return but with another agent, because the injured client will not be available for thirty minutes after his arrest, or perhaps the game requires you to use another agent to free the arrested agent from Albion's grip, and the most wonderful of all is that you will complete the mission from where you left off. This means that if you kill people and get caught and start the mission over with another agent, you will find that the people you killed have already been killed.

This idea "I mean the idea of ​​recruiting and not having a main protagonist" although it is great and paves the way for much bigger things in the future of the industry, especially for open world games, but it has negatively affected the quality of the characters in the game, there is no inspiring character or you can attach to All the characters are designed in a normal and traditional way in terms of drawing or even voice performance and interaction with the environment, which we did not really like and should have been mentioned.

"Hack" is everything!

The gameplay in the Watchdogs series has always beenbased on hacking things, everything is connected and everything is hackable, and your mobile phone is the tool that controls everything in the game world, and this question is not much different in Watch Dogs: Legion hack is still the essence of the fiction in the series But in this part, things look a little different as the Skill Tree has been canceled which is expected as expected.
This part mainly focuses on recruiting, so each character in the game world has special skills that differ from other characters, while the first part of the series has a special hero.

In this part, there are new ways to enter, but they did not change the general concept of piracy in the game, there are a group of new devices that are controlled remotely, such as the hacker robot Spider Bots, which was useful to reach some places that you cannot reach through your character , We found that he was overcome in some way, that he can pass most doors and reach places that the enemy cannot see. He can also fight "in disguise" and eliminate enemies.

There are also drones or combat drones, and drones that you will find spread all over the streets of London, which were not present in the previous parts and are easy to enter and use in missions or to detect places, especially in restricted areas.

It is always important to penetrate the cameras in the restricted areas before entering to know the movement of the enemies and what can be expected inside this is not new and we have seen it throughout the previous series as well as some light puzzles to penetrate things that become boring with time to repeat.

The style of driving the series cars has always suffered from problems, and unfortunately it continues in this part as well ... Cars differ in the way they drive in terms of feeling and this is a positive thing, but the way of driving itself I found it uncomfortable and not fun, it is just a way to steer you and it will be heavy Very much for your heart.

The cars are well varied and have a lot of detail in terms of design and they look really from the future as the game takes place, but there is no kind of customization or modification which is a bit frustrating for most cars. Cars that you will find on the streets of London via autopilot (there are no people inside) which makes it easier to steal, in the previous parts you can also turn off the engine of the car to hide it to escape from the police, for example, as well as control it from the cockpit or camera position, but all this Not found in Watch Dogs: Watch Dogs: Legion: Legion.

In Watch Dogs everything is connected, and it was clear that the idea of ​​recruiting characters influenced gameplay when it came to vehicles, too. You cannot purchase special cars for each character like the previous parts, but characters whose skills include a "car" or a "motorcycle". Only she can access these personal vehicles at all times, and this may be a drawback for some, but it doubles the idea that everyone is different in the game and therefore you cannot buy cars with all characters as well. The ease of getting a car on the streets of London with impunity from Albion or police officers is also an easy matter.

The biggest change to Watch Dogs: Legion's fighting style is hand-to-hand combat, as weapon and hide-and-seek combat styles, as well as parkour moves, haven't seen much. Important changes from the last part, and it seems that the developer has focused on this very point where you will find a tutorial. At the beginning of the game, the new style of combat combat that has been added is really cool, as there are a lot of wonderful animations that you will see during hand fights, and these scenes vary and change according to each character. Because the character uses her skills, tools and weapons to make you fight, and this has created a kind of diversity.

Hand battle is based on four basic elements, consecutive or regular strike, avoiding enemy strikes, breaking the shield or method of repelling the enemy, and finally ending the strikes, which is the most enjoyable, but what has destroyed this a little is the artificial intelligence of the enemies in the game in general, where it cannot be accepted The fact that this is a hope for next generation games is no development in artificial intelligence, on the contrary, the enemies were acting "stupid" most of the time.

For example, if you enter a restricted area and decide to engage them, you will find that they will respond to you in the same way, and as soon as you raise the weapon in the face, you will find them firing too. Lifting weapons, you can completely eliminate the restricted area only by using melee combat, which I did not find logical, even if you decide to do so, when entering missions in stealth mode, you will find that they are not smart at all, you can kill the masked items even though one of the individuals Close to them even if they were stuck together, didn't the other enemy hear the sound? Or did he not feel it?

These things cannot go unnoticed, but it can be said that the fingerprint of the new generation has not yet appeared, which prompts us to talk about the game's graphics.

Graphics technology and ray tracing, has the next generation fingerprint appeared ?!

Personally, this is the first game I have fully reviewed with ray tracing enabled from the very first moment, and it is also the first game that impressed me with the effects of ray technology.
Tracking, I have my opinion that ray tracing technologies were not really ready to work fully with the previous generation of Nvidia cards, as the previous generation devices did not support them either, the question has changed now, the feasibility of ray tracing technologies is more important now than ever before.

With new generation device support for technology, more focus on it, and DLSS technology that reduces the load on the GPU to achieve a higher frame rate, the future of this technology is dazzling, and what I saw in Watch Dogs: Legion during the review period was really amazing, whether In graphics or performance with the activation of technology, the graphics, frankly, may not meet expectations in reality, and is not much different from the previous part, which was released four years ago, but the ray tracing technology gave the game a special appearance, especially in reflections on surfaces, mirrors and in the rain.

If you are going to play this game without ray tracing technologies on the computer because your device does not have a graphics card that supports it, or if you are going to play it on the older generation of home platforms, you may see that the graphics are not really up to the new generation and they are normal, but your opinion will definitely change when See the game on a powerful computer. It can be played hard, or on next generation platforms, once released.

The game world is beautifully designed and contains a lot of details that contradict the character design of the game, which did not live up to expectations, with the difference of day and night, or the weather, it is rainy or clear, the game looks very good visually and there is no disparity between the graphics also the game In different places, not even inside or outside buildings, which is rare in an open world game of this size.

I don't have a negative comment on the graphics even with the ray tracing effects turned off, I found it good for the game released in 2020 in general, and I had a comment that would focus on the level and water details that were much less than the previous parts, in general there is nothing Impressive or a qualitative change in the graphics, and the imprint of the new generation has not yet appeared.

Regarding the game's performance on the PC, there were some minor issues like the game stopped suddenly (it happened to me twice), but the developer promised to fix it with the launch in the update that will be released on October 30th, and we also bear in mind that there is no official definition released until the time Writing this report. The review is to support the game so the overall experience went smoothly.

Finally ... at the time of review and even with the launch of the game, multiplayer will not be available, so we cannot judge it now, and we will leave that for another conversation later.


While Watch Dogs: Legion has tried to offer something unique in terms of recruiting non-playable characters and building your own resistance army depending on your play style and the way you want to complete the missions, this method won't be suitable for everyone. To be honest, especially those who prefer the hero. To do so from start to finish, it was a bold move for the Ubisoft Toronto developer to take the lead and ditch the main story protagonist while trying to implement this new idea.

In a way, we can say that this method has to be more "accurate" to be perfect. Many of the characters in the game that one could play fell into the trap of not paying attention to the details that were associated with them, which made them all uninspired characters with modest voice and acting performance, which is why it is so unusual in Ubisoft that The One Who Promises Us always presents characters Linked to the soul.

The idea itself remains revolutionary and we liked it very much, and I cannot say that it was poorly executed, but as I mentioned it needs more work to improve, and we are looking forward to seeing more games that support these new ideas that reminded us of Nemesis from the Middle-Earth series of games. .

Among the things we liked the most about Watch Dogs: Legion is the game's music, it's to personal taste at the end, but the choice of songs and sound effects were great, unlike the performance of the vocal characters, with the exception of Bagley, who stood out in real life.

There's not much change in the way you pierce and pierce things, and the riding style still needs some improvement, but at least we've seen some new additions to the fist-fighting method the use of tools and most of the story missions are fun and also a lot of side activities you can do, the experience remains straightforward. An enjoyable year. Especially for fans of the series