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You can find all the details about the Twin Mirror special review here

The idea of ​​shortening the mind and reshaping your events gives a kind of rejuvenation to the truth-finding process.

The game tells a story that we have heard over and over while not enjoying the elements of its good story - interacting with the characters and your various decisions has no real impact on events - the experience is short and offers no real value for replay.

Twin Mirror fails to tell an interesting story despite its ingredients, the result is an below average experience and you won't miss anything if you ignore it.

Dontnod's development team is known for its storytelling experiments that are published on several episodes.These games usually offer a fictional element to the narration process to make things interesting, and the latest games proposed by the team are the Twin Mirror mystery game, which is released this time as a complete experience away from the usual loop system And so on.

The story puts you in the role of Samuel "Sam" Higgs, an investigative journalist who returns to his city to attend the funeral of his close friend Nicholas who died in a strange accident. Sam left town two years ago after publishing a newspaper article among the many irregularities that occurred in the town's coal mine, which led to Close the mine where and discover the dangerous secrets that the city hides.

The beginning of the story was good and they put up an interesting puzzle with some questions, but soon they became frustrated after exceeding the first half hour everything becomes clear and the secret of the experience and it is very easy to predict what will be the outcome of things and even how the story you will steal, the game was already told at that time and several times Simultaneously in movies or other games, My Linden is full of characters varying in print and alliances, but the game does not use these characters, you are about to lose a conversation or two about more conversations with more characters without those conversations having a real effect. On the events.

Sam has what's called a short mind, a place in his mind that represents his ability to objectively process all data and analyze it to get to what actually happened, and he has an imaginary companion who represents the emotional side and talks to Sam and gives advice on how to do it.

The game's graphics are good and some of the areas you will visit look beautiful without any element to impress the actual melodies that were presented were good and their purpose is the other without offering anything special. The game experience is limited to talking with the characters with options to have conversations, but as mentioned above, these conversations and options will not have an effect on the events, and you will also wander around several areas to collect evidence and interact with the environment and once you collect enough information you will return with panic, but these particles Very few and offer little to no challenge, they are very simple and aim to not break the routine.

The experience is short and can be completed in just 5 hours, and there are some conversations that can change your relationship a little with some characters, but it is not enough to relive, in the end we found that Twin Mirror is a below-average experience, you failed to enjoy what you have to tell the story