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Remothered Review The story is fully interconnected and exciting with many distinct details and varied melodies.

Remothered: Broken Porcelain is the second part of the game trilogy that Stormnind Games' development team promises to present with its director Chris Daryl. This release narrates the events that precede and follow the first part of Remothered: Tormented Fathers, which received a lot of admiration for the Clock Tower games series, but the game received a number of Reviews Here's what you'll learn from this review.

The first part we put in the role of Rosemary Reid who looks at the accident of the disappearance of the girl Celeste Felton and the second part will tell the events before and after the first part where more circumstances about the strange drug Phenoxil will be revealed by going back in time with the focus on the girl Jennifer and! The style of nonlinear narration of events is not necessarily bad, and we find it interesting when used correctly, but the disastrous use of broken porcelain of this pattern makes things very complicated.

If you follow the story and understand its details despite the complexities, it is always an exciting story that tries to be realistic and tragic as possible, and it always affects some crimes and actions that the player may find in himself a feeling of discomfort due to the ugly of these crimes and the images that come to mind when I heard, but the story is messy. You are playing. Also, many of the details you read through the files don't add much to your understanding of the story, but the dialogues are surprisingly fleeting revealing important details!

When talking about the graphic level, the environments in the game are beautiful and rich in details and elements that you can interact with, although the latest version has improved, but the animation of the characters, lip movements and synchronization with the dubbing are always less, at the audible level the melodies are heard in the moments you try Several times, you will escape and you will stand directly in front of the enemy to kill, while you are escaping from the game.

Well, how about gaming experience? Unfortunately, this element is also full of defects. The experience here will often ask you to escape from the enemies or confront them and overcome them to move to the next part and both sides have defects enemies are very quick to chase you and escape from them becomes a difficult and tedious process and if you want to defeat them You must hide especially and you are the exact man who helps you to finish this task. Imagine the experience follows the same tram every hour.

The story took 5 and a half hours to complete and this experiment may be one of the very few very bad experiences on all levels that we wanted to give up reviewing, but we found that you endure this suffering and warn you not to go through it is in the best interest of the players, Moaded: Broken porcelain promised to fix it

The story comes to using a more complex narrative style than the previous part with many poor options to explain its circumstances - a technically "broken" experience with unresponsive issues and the constant need to reload and other issues - a boring and confusing gaming experience with its many elements.

Remothered: He did not learn broken porcelain from the errors of the previous version, nor did he take advantage of his strengths to give us the experience of a disastrous and complex story that killed our enthusiasm for the conclusion of this trilogy