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A special review of everything inside The Medium

Excellent knitted story, graphics and game details are attractive, the gas is many different and you need to think deeply at times, and beautiful music writing the atmosphere of the game

Some technical problems are here and there are some repetitions of irritation, such as opening doors.

This game will take you to a wonderful story adventure that you can combine and listen to. Although it categorized as a psychological horror, I found horror elements in it that are small but perfectly woven, and this time you will never expect them. If you are a fan of classic horror games, Media is definitely a game to try. Medium is Microsoft's exclusive next-generation Blooper team, best known for developing horror, mystery and psychological research games such as layers of fear and the Observer. The new game team inspired classic horror games like Silent Hill and Alan Wake. And do you think the game's most important idea is the availability of two parallel character worlds at the same time on the screen, we have never seen it before. 

At the beginning of the story the game seems to be a big mystery, you can listen to conversations, starting with many people you do not know. The beginning of the events will be simple and slow, and it may not interest you, but as you progress further in the game you will find interesting places and you will find messages and symbols for different people, each of them will tell you about his experience or his own money. Later everything is logical, all this information is connected to a whole cycle of secrets and secrets, and with the passage of time you can dive into the heart of the story and its events draw very strongly, and this could be the most enjoyable horror story that I enjoyed this day.

The game system is the most visible component of this game and it uses the idea of ​​dual reality or what can be called dual reality. The idea comes that you can play the hero character in two different worlds at the same time, if the screen is divided into two parts, and you can watch the hero, and move simultaneously in different environments. The world we are talking about, not the real world of life and the other world is called world spirits, as you can see that there is a character who is the version that you are changing. The main idea of ​​the game is to solve many puzzles using the idea of ​​being in two worlds. For example, you can find a locked door in the real world, but opening it to the spirit world also opens the way for you in the real world, and vice versa. The game is mainly based on puzzles and solving, not battles and battles of any kind, and it is based on classic horror elements to play emotions when you walk around and search. For example, none of the gameplay clips have a similar idea to what we saw in Death Run, where you can mute yourself in an attempt to move a specific enemy unnoticed. Other clips contain escaping from a specific enemy, and in these clips the character may die and must return. General puzzles are very different and no, I am not talking about the game, but some songs are played very annoying at times, such as some leather doors that need to be opened with a knife, and the process of opening it slowly and ask, you can repeat it several times.

The atmosphere is not the only thing that this game was inspired by the classic horror games, but also the camera style while playing it. In this game, the camera is fixed and you cannot move it, but it moves with you during the game automatically. The development team talked about trying to introduce camera movement, but said that when trying to think, players looked, spin, and we couldn't really imagine it. Overall, the fixed camera works great in the game, does the job of being a puzzle game and does not fight at all.

The graphics of the game are very impressive and contain many details, especially the facial expressions of the character as well as the details of the game environments. But as is usual today, we encountered some graphic artistic problems, such as the sudden appearance of graffiti or the so-called. I also noticed that sometimes the arc lights appear on the screen strange, and disappear if I download the store file again, usually these errors can be resolved in a future update, it depends on the developer. In general, we noticed that the game requires a lot of effort on the device, such as two different characters and two worlds working on the same screen, Xbox Series X Our experience We have 30 images at best, sometimes it seems that it will drop less than this number, but the truth is that we did not find That's for those who want to know, our quick PC experience shows it can play back 60 images.

One of the things that fans of classic horror games love is that the game's music is composed by the famous Akira Yamuka, who is best known for the authorship of the popular series, Silent Hill. Here Akira started his creativity again, the music in the game is charming and beautiful, and it gives you a feeling of the atmosphere of the place you are in, as the style of the music varies from place to another. The sound effects in the game have been applied excellently, you can hear whispers, for example if you approach the instrument, the memories engraved, and sometimes you can hear the footsteps of the sound around you, and the sounds to play an important role in the game and write the atmosphere and allow you to explore the place and solve puzzles