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A comprehensive review of Marvel's Avengers game

Brief on the topic

When Square Enix first announced Marvel's Avengers, I was one of the first people to be so optimistic about this experience until I learned that it would follow the RPG system and being a service game, so anxiety gradually crept in to me and when I put my hands on the game I confirmed this anxiety and its image became clearer, but I won't Exaggerate. If I said the story and gameplay were the biggest surprises for me on a personal level, in general, welcome to our review of one of the most awaited games: Marvel's Avengers, he said. Live up to expectations?

One of Marvel cinematic masterpieces in game form!

The story development in Marvel's Avengers was the biggest surprise to me, and what I can assure you of is that Crystal Dynamics has done more than a great job telling the Avengers story this way. Unbelievable, close to our hearts, especially for Marvel fans, to make gaming history one of my best experiences in 2020 without a doubt. The most important pillar of Marvel's Avengers was crafted to perfection despite the fact that the protagonist and the purpose of the story was a new character or face to many, and I will tell you exactly what Crystal Dynamics did and what is the secret of blending a story that I enjoyed until its end without stopping ...

"I can think of Marvel's Avengers as a Marvel movie he never made so that Crystal Dynamics could, with great cleverness, appeal to comic book fans and moviegoers alike."

This is the first step in the secret mix, as our story takes place in a new world with a different villain that has yet to be introduced to the MCU, and everyone who knows him is only comic book fanatic. For the developer to ensure the first scale in its favor, which plays on the nostalgia factor of those who read the comics. These are the moviegoers who have not read any of the stories, including my humble character, the game made me more invested in its story in a strange way, through the way of promoting great characters, excellent plot and knots, despite the fact that the story of superheroes is known or explicit as it is always said And it is accompanied by everyone, it is a wonderful achievement in some movie scenes, the design of distinctive characters, the presentation of the central character Kamala in a wonderful way, and the most important thing is to maintain the glamor and excitement of Marvel movies if you allow expression.

I really felt that Marvel's scent was present with humor, connecting audiences with his heroes and Avengers skirmishes even among them, as it happens in movies, the truth is that I didn't do it for a while I didn't feel for a while in a work of art outside of the Marvel premium films that I always loved.

"Kamala's character is amazing, I was very caring and most of all I was pivotal to the whole story and I took all this stress on my own without a problem!"

The perspective that introduces the Kamala character in its own right is very innovative, the story begins with a young girl who loves the Avengers team and hopes to become like them one day which means that she is right. A regular fan of accompanying her father on the Avengers Day trip to San Francisco as a contestant and runner. The best Avengers novel, but due to mysterious circumstances as things revolve around and the golden bridge explodes to start the A-Day events that we saw in the official trailer for the game in which the Avengers fail due to the Chimera explosion due to the Terrigen reactor explosion, an accident that Captain America is a victim of, at least This is what one would expect.

But as a result of the explosion, a strange gas began to circulate in the atmosphere, transforming everyone who interacted with it into a human with supernatural powers, inventing the principle of inhumanity, of which Kamala was one. Between them, where the gas affected her for her ability to tighten parts of her body in an impressive way.

After this failure, the Avengers team split and left each of them to produce a company called AIM run by George Tarleton (a scientist who was working on Chimera at the time of the explosion) to assure that he would rid humanity of the superhero principle and put the Avengers in the form of the main perpetrators of all. What happened to the people of San Francisco.

From there, Tarleton decided to use Tony Stark's tools and abilities to build an army of robots with the aim of dealing with or eliminating humans, turning him into the evil MODOK we saw in the official game show and from there begins Kamala's mission to reunite the Avengers again and confront Modoc, a huge load he was carrying. She is alone on his shoulder until much of the story passes.

All about brilliantly designed Kamala!

I liked Kamala's role in the game as the game focused on her a lot because she knows that she is a new character and will not be acceptable to many players, but her personality dimensions I liked her because she is a complex, innocent, cheerful character, sometimes naive, insecure of herself, and in the end, she is only Young teenager. All the factors surrounding these elements are present ... You have lived with Kamala in the very delicate development of her character of a girl who was unsure of her abilities, and did not know whether what she was doing was the right thing or not? She believes she is a different beast than others for a character who is extremely proud of her abilities and very proud of herself in the end, a character who knows right from wrong and who can carry the fate of the world on her shoulders despite her young age.

In the midst of it all, she finds a lot of complexity in her motivations, which differ and oscillate like a wave throughout the story, and what distinguishes her from any other character is that she is playful or naive or can I say very innocent and this is evident from the moves she takes when she is triggered by something What, and the way she talks to herself when she meets one of the Avengers because they are still her idol to her, and these are her heroes whom she has loved since she was a child, and you can imagine how her tone of voice changed to become more childish when talking to a hero, for example, to find It has changed. To an innocent being, and thus represents the state of any fan who met his beloved heroes, a very beautiful addition or possibility.

You won't feel like you are out of the Avengers movie!

I didn't feel that Marvel's Avengers was alien to the Marvel Universe, especially the main characters, and there are a few highlights that I saw in my experience:

First: the voices are like real characters!
I have to pay tribute to Crystal Dynamics for their interest in presenting characters with voices very similar to the main and beloved Marvel characters, and it helped me immensely in the process of appeasing each hero to feel like I didn't shy away from the movies.

Second: The traits of each character that distinguish them are present, with a good balance in their playing time!

A character like Tony Stark likes to show himself off and what she does constantly, and a character who can be a bit arrogant in the movies and who was surprised that the game applied those qualities to its accuracy, diluting to a large extent, but the black sense of humor that Stark has along with ostentation and vanity is What made me smile in the middle of the story. The same applies to Black Widow's fighting intensity, Thor's immense strength and manner of speaking with Captain America's commitment or toughness, and most importantly Bruce Banner's constant fear of the future and refusal to take a risky move unlike Tony, characters like movies are literally designed with all their qualities and even His behavior, which made me feel that I had met these characters before, and that I had had experiences with them before and had known myself for some time, even though I saw them for the first time in this game.

The second point was that I did not feel that the development of the story underestimated the right of any hero in it, because each hero took his time from the screen as they say in common sense, especially at the end of the game, in order to leave the experience feeling very positive.

Third: Skirmishes between the members of the Avengers and some of them!

In a cool gesture, and for those who've seen Captain America Civil War, the Avengers aren't in touch or okay most of the time, and at times they can fight for different points of view, a detail I found wonderfully present in Marvel's Avengers, but instead He played a big role in the sequence of events and events that changed suddenly and without warning. .

Fourth: Wonderful cinematography!

I guess I don't need to talk about making Marvel movies and I can say that I also got goosebumps in the game sometimes, the idea of ​​the adrenaline rush scenes is crafted with great precision. It reinforced my feeling that I was in a movie and not in a game.

Fifth: Marvel's sense of humor has brought the game to life!

You will always find these scenes where you will smile or laugh because of the light humor that represents the vibrant spirit of Marvel, be it Tony Stark or Kamala and even the character's interactions, I have always found that sense of humor was essential to Marvel's Avengers without a doubt as the story easily became one of the The coolest parts of our game today