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Learn the full detailed review of GTA V story and online

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البرمجيات يطلق عليها بالإنجليزية (Software's)، وهي عبارة عن وصف لكلّ ما يقوم به الحاسوب من عمليات متكاملة، كحلّ المسائل الرياضيّة والإحصائية، بالإضافة إلى إجراء التصحيح اللازم على الصيغة التحريريّة وإنجاز العمليات التي يطلبها المستخدم على أكمل وجه، فإن مصطلح البرمجيات يشير إلى كل ما يتكوّن منه جهاز الحاسوب باستثناء مكوّنات الحاسوب المادية. يُدرج تحت هذا المصطلح مختلف البرامج ولغات البرمجة وكلّ ما لا يمكن لمسه داخل جهاز الحاسوب، ومن بينها المواقع الإلكترونية، ونظم التشغيل، وغيرها، كما يشير مفهوم البرمجيات إلى مختلف التعليمات والأوامر التي يتولّى جهاز الحاسوب قراءتها آلياً، وتكتب باستخدام لغات برمجة خاصّة ومتخصّصة لإنشاء البرمجيات والتطبيقات، ويُتمّ تنفيذها بواسطة المترجم الخاصّ بلغة البرمجة. عناصر البرمجيات للبرمجيات صناعة خاصّة بها، إذ تشمل التطوير والصيانة والنشر، بالإضافة إلى خدمة ما بعد البيع أيضاً، والتدريب عليها؛ ويشار تاريخياً إلى أنّ صناعة البرمجيات تعود رسمياً إلى منتصف السبعينات، وتعتبر الولايات المتحدة مركزاً رئيسياً لشركات صناعة البرمجيات؛ إذ تحتضن كاليفورنيا أكثر من 500 شركة مصنِّعة للبرمجيات في فقط، فإنّ إنشاء البرمجيات يتطلّب توفّر لغات البرمجة كشرط أساسيّ، والتي تعتبر بمثابة أداة مساعدة في كتابة برامج الحاسوب، بالإضافة إلى عدد من الأدوات كالمصرف، والمصحح، والمفسّر، والرابط، وبرنامج تحرير النصوص، والبيئة التطويريّة المتكاملة. أنواع البرمجيات برامج التطبيقات من أكثر أنواع البرمجيات استخداماً، كما هو الحال في برامج معالجة الكلمات، أو تطبيقات MS-office، وغيرها من البرامج. البرنامج الثابت يطلق عليه بالإنجليزية (Firmware) يُستخدم هذا النوع من البرمجيات لغايات التحكّم بالبيانات ومراقبتها ومعالجتها، ومن أكثر الأنواع شيوعاً هو الأنظمة المضمّنة، ويظهر استخدامها في أمثلة حيّة كإشارات المرور وساعات اليد الإلكترونية. البرامج الوسيطة يطلق عليها بالإنجليزية (middle ware)، وهي عبارة عن برنامج يلعب دور الوسيط من خلال تحكّمه بالنظم الموزّعة وتنسيقها. برامج النظم يطلق عليها بالإنجليزية (System Software) وهي كافة البرامج الحاسوبية التي تؤدي دوراً رئيسياً في السيطرة على المكونات المادية للحاسوب، وتأدية الأوامر والمهام المطلوبة من الحاسوب، ومن أهمّ هذه البرمجيات أنظمة التشغيل كمايكروسوفت ويندوز، ولينكس، وسولاريس وغيرها. اختبار البرامج يُصنّف هذا البند كمجال منفصل تماماً نظراً لاهتمامه التامّ بتطوير البرامج الحاسوبيّة، وتحتوي أساليب التأكّد من جودة النظام أو البرمجية قبل وضعها بين يدي المستخدم. فحص البرمجيات تعتبر هذه المرحلة بمثابة عملية استقصاء خاصّة بالبرمجيات لأهداف تجريبية، وتسعى لإعطاء معلومات ذات علاقة بجودة المنتج لكلّ من يهمه أمر التغذية الراجعة. هل كان المقال مفيداً؟ نعم لا

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Learn about a detailed review of the history of GTA V and online

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most open games in the world, and is expected to finally launch for about two years on the PC platform on April 14, with a size of 59 GB, where many players are now enjoying the experience The 2015 strongest games, which they waited nearly two years for after they were completed. The game was launched in September 2013 for the older generation of the PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms, and then arrived to us in 2014 to be finally announced at the E3 exhibition at the dawn of Egypt. GTA V for the next generation of PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms by the end of 2014, and today we'll share with you a detailed review of GTA V.

History of Grand Theft Auto GTA V

A short summary of the history of GTA V, there is no engraving of the events of the story, do not worry, these are all preliminary events in the game.

Learn a detailed review of GTA V history and online

The GTA V story revolves around three main characters in the game, Michael, Franklin and Trevor (Michael Trevor Franklin), who are criminals whose stories are linked to each other through the tasks they perform. Together in the town of (Los Santos), where there is a special story in the game for each character, and you will discover with him yourself, but the story of Michael and Trevor was confused at the beginning, as the game revolves. Initially with three characters who were trying to rob a bank including Michael and Trevor after they managed to rob the bank and run away together in a car waiting outside with a driver who was killed by the police. During the chase, if they ran away from the police for a while, but the joy was not complete, the car crashed, prompting them to walk towards the plane, but there was a stranger waiting for them, so he shot their third friend Michael was also shot down, causing Trevor to scream because he was seeing his best friend in the moments of his death and was planning To try. To kill the sniper, but Trevor stops him and tells him to run with your life, we're dead Trevor couldn't escape because the police attacked them, and there was a clash between Trevor and the police, which resulted in Trevor taking one of the smears. The city was his hostage, an old woman who escaped and released, and Trevor could not take his share of the stolen money. Michael survived his injury and falsified his death and now lives with his family in a witness protection program, and Trevor disappeared into a secluded location outside Los Santos in a wasteland where he did not. Plant. No water, and that was the story of Michael and Trevor, the beginning of the game.

The story of Michael and Franklin and how they met is as follows:
Franklin Mann works for a famous car dealership, where he used to do tasks that were difficult for him, such as taking down gangs that threaten his shop or recovering some of his cars, when his boss ordered him to go to Michael's house in order to recover the private car that Michael's son bought, but he did not finish paying the rest the cost. Franklin broke into Michael's house to take the car and drive it to the store again to find someone in the back chair, Michael, and he was pointing a gun behind his head and threatening him not to stop the car and that he was waiting for her and ordered her to pierce his boss's face, so Franklin did as Michael asked him, and he stormed the storefront and got out of the car And surprised. The shop owner with Michael in front of him points a gun at him, gives Michael Franklin some money to go straight and Michael gives the car shop owner an unforgettable lesson. Not being tracked or pursuing his son again, and as a result Franklin lost his only job, prompting him to go to Michael in search of a job to find Michael completely. He was angry because he found out that his wife was cheating on him with his tennis coach, so Michael told Franklin, "Your time has come and I want you with me to take this coach outside, so they follow him. At home and abandon the head of the house." A man wonders that this house wasn't owned by the coach, but it was the property of one of the great mafia bosses who threatened Michael's life and wiped out his family if he didn't. He was not paying the five million dollars in house expenses, which made Michael go back to his old days and carry out a burglary or what we call Heist with the help of Franklin and his old friend for trying to pay the house that he abandoned. A man wonders that this house wasn't owned by the coach, but it was the property of one of the great mafia bosses who threatened Michael's life and wiped out his family if he didn't. He was not paying the five million dollars in house expenses, which made Michael go back to his old days and carry out a burglary or what we call Heist with the help of Franklin and his old friend for trying to pay the house that he abandoned. A man wonders that this house wasn't owned by the coach, but it was the property of one of the great mafia bosses who threatened Michael's life and wiped out his family if he didn't. He was not paying the five million dollars in house expenses, which made Michael go back to his old days and carry out a burglary or what we call Heist with the help of Franklin and his old friend for trying to pay the house that he abandoned.

Will Trevor return to Los Santos?

Trevor was watching TV at the time and found news of an armed robbery in a large jewelry store, and one of the guards was talking about the people he saw when he escaped, and that is Michael that this guard saw him, so Trevor knew that the person talking about this guard was Michael, So he got up from his house and said that my dear friend Michael is definitely still alive, he is enjoying a decent life now, and Trevor decides to return to Los Santos and he is a crazy character who does what he wants in his own way, Trevor returns to Los Santos in the series of events and meets the two friends again.

Gameplay in Grand Theft Auto, GTA V
First the characters.

Get to know a detailed review of the history of GTA V and online the

style of play in the game is one of the things that was created in the game because you do not play with one character, but rather three characters, each of which has its own tasks that can be linked to the tasks of other characters and play with all three characters at the same time That is, you can switch between them with a mission, of course it is wonderful, but when you start playing the game, you will not be able to directly play with the three characters or switch between them because you have not unlocked them yet.

He will start first with poor young Franklin, who is in his twenties, lives in the old quarters of Los Santos with his mother, works in a showroom for cars, and does some chores for the showcase owner, most of which are illegal tasks such as collecting show cars that people bought from the owner of the showroom And they haven't paid all of the remaining money. They have to do it, but he does it all because he wishes he had more money

going by the character of Michael, a retired bank robber in his 40s, who lives with his family, which will blow his mind. Her son is addicted to drugs and plays video games. As for her daughter, she likes to be the famous star of his art but hangs out with dangerous personalities. As for his wife, he always betrays him with his coaches as a tennis coach. And yoga

As for Trevor, a former military pilot, he is Michael's ex-partner, he lives alone in a trailer in the desert near Los Santos, and Trevor's behavior is always reckless and crazy, which makes everyone fear him in the world, and he is drug addicted and still has all his dealings with drug dealers and outlaws. .

Each of these three characters has a unique skill that sets it apart from the rest of the other characters:

Trevor's character can withstand bullets and stand in front of a barrage of them for a while, and when activated, the health bar returns normally, and Trevor is also one of the least important characters. More adept at driving.
Michael's character skill can slow down time for a period of time to make him gain the upper hand, for example being in the past, and this feature was made to slow down time for a while, but the movement is also slow, but it gives you an advantage, such as catching up with a specific goal or inside a race, and Michael He is also one of the characters most skilled with snipers.
Franklin's character skill allows him to control the car in an unprecedented way while driving, helping him, for example, catching a gangster car while it is being chased or escaped by the police. Franklin is the most skilled car driver, otherwise each character can develop their physical skills, such as developing racing or shooting skills. Or flying, driving, swimming and other skills that you can develop while playing the game
Second, the car driving in GTA V.

Learn a detailed review of GTA V history and online

In the great gameplay of the game, driving cars inside the game, which impressed me with how the game engine works. You control the driving of cars or motorcycles as if you were completely simulating the real world, and among the things I liked was the feeling of the car's weight and its rush. The car can control it well while driving on the road is not. Like other games that you can drive, you find that they automatically get out of your control while controlling them to the right or left, and this is one of the main reasons why the games want to do this An open-world experience like the Grand Theft Auto series of games that failed, and it is great inside the game to find Many types of cars in the game, from big trucks to racing cars and motorcycles. Driving aside, destroying cars is more realistic than any of the previous parts.

Third, the open world map for the game GTA V.

How to describe the open world map of the game GTA V, whose map is estimated to be the size of two entire cities in North America, and the game map is the largest open world game map in history published so far. There is nothing more wonderful than wandering around this large open world, which of course will be difficult for you to come to an end quickly and the most wonderful thing is that you fly over Los Santos and discover everything. Places that you did not discover before walking in the picturesque nature of the game world and watching animals on the side of the road such as deer eating grass and running after each other knowing that there are about 20 different animals in the game world and you can enjoy another wonderful experience such as wading under the water and seeing sharks and coral reefs and all Types of fish, nothing more amazing.

Fourth, the tasks of Grand Theft Auto GTA V

of the most amazing things that the game enjoyed the mechanisms of the diversity of tasks between the three characters, so that each character has its own tasks and develops its own story, and there are also tasks to collect the three characters together, so that you switch between the three characters until they contain The situation in which you find yourself.

Fifthly, the vehicles in GTA V.

Unlike all the previous pieces, many types of vehicles have been added to the game, such as many types of helicopters, such as helicopters, fighter planes, large passenger planes, as well as airplanes. Classic and celebrity airplanes, and much more besides tanks and many types of cars, where racing cars, big big trucks and small passenger cars pass through the trucks. Four-wheel drive and many types of wonderful cars in the game, in addition to many types of wonderful motorcycles, such as motorcycles for sandy areas, as well as four-wheel drive bikes, as well as classic and regular bikes, in addition to the presence of regular "wheeled" bikes and many types of ships Which you can ride by jet and sea biking, driving submarines, marine vehicles, and much more.

Sixth, the police in GTA V.

Of course, if we are talking about one of the Grand Theft Auto games, we cannot forget the most important component of the success of this series, "The Police", which is the basic idea of ​​creating the series mainly with the first part of the series. The series that makes the police a deterrent to all your actions in the game, but are the police skills developed or increased in this part? Unlike all previous parts of this legendary series, the police will not tolerate this part with you. If you commit a petty crime like fighting, car theft in public places or the like, the police will search for you in all places around the search using car radar. If you fall into the radar zone of the car, then there will be no obstacles. And be careful not to drive with more police anchors when performing your tasks, you have to mislead them so that you resume your mission and the more stars, the more cars and planes chase you.

Seventh, the probability of the GTA V.

Get to know a detailed review of the history of GTA V and online

GTA V was first developed from the third person perspective and released for the older generation platforms with this perspective, when the game was announced for the next generation platforms and the PC platform, it was announced that the first person perspective will be added to the game, Which added to the excitement of many to try a new perspective on gaming on the next generation platforms. And the PC platform, of course, is the first time that this happens in the Grand Theft Auto series of games, so we all see that most parts of the series from the third point of view, unlike the first parts of the series were from the top of the perspective, of course, this increased the enthusiasm of many To experience a new perspective of the game and you can switch between first-person and third-person perspectives. as you like.
Eighth, the weapons in GTA V.

Get a detailed review of GTA V history and online

you can take more than 12 different weapons with you and never lose them even if you are stopped. You can also throw weapons or bullets at your friends, as well as develop all your weapons, such as developing a sniper weapon to include a heat range that kills enemies from a distance, in addition to adding a flashlight that shines when you use the weapon at night and many other updates available in your weapon that you own, in addition to The ability to change the color of the weapon to the last available weapon, but well of course, all this requires a lot of money at the beginning.
IX, the mobile game GTA V.

Learn a detailed review of GTA V history and online

"IFruit" through this mobile phone, you can receive all your missions on it and calls from the main characters to give you missions in the game world to assign them to. Every time you complete a task, the character who told you so is added to your phone caller list, who can call them anytime for subtasks to earn money. You can also take pictures and upload them to social networks, and also on the mobile phone, you can access some available sites, and there is also a private call for your car in the multiplayer stage.

Rockstar Editor's Viewer Output Tool.

Rockstar Editor is a tool for producing and editing scenes in GTA V game and it is exclusive only on the PC platform where you can start shooting clips in-game, stop shooting and produce the appropriate clip. Which you want to share with your friends on YouTube and social networking sites and not only that where there is a new feature called Director Mode. With this tool that will allow all players on the PC platform, the possibility to register via any character in the game, whether all characters are in the story stage or even additional characters stealing online, and you will be able to use animals for filming when this mode is activated, director mode will allow you Such a mode also with the in-game weather control. The weather and a lot, and as we mentioned to you earlier about the reasons for the delay of the GTA V game on the PC platform, this tool was one of those reasons for the delay in the release of the game on the platform and learn all the reasons for the delay in the game GTA V on the computer from here.

We are now switching to GTA V multiplayer mode

GTA V game

Get to know a detailed review of the history of GTA V and online

multiplayer, team game, team game, you can do a lot like buying and equipping. And buy a garage for the cars that you own to register your cars there, also do the following for you Piñalona

Learn a detailed review of the history of GTA V and online

Create businesses, brands, sports, cool, brands, brands and brands so you can find projects that help come up with ideas to help them implement A specific project or so that you can contribute to create demands that compete or play with you.

It begins with the end of the emergency death penalty that he carries out in an emergency situation that begins with its end and put it into practice, and it is important that you join your friends and start with his goals in the beginning.

Learn a detailed review of GTA V history and online

Third, you are playing as a group in the GTA Online game. Your upgrade level increases whenever you are important or kill people wanted for justice, because there is inside the online map of the game and it is widely available and increasing, as is the case with the 16-person team races or 8 other sanctuaries also joins something more fun these TeamDeath matches And by entering this mode you can join many players from 8 to 16 or up to 30 players with two teams. 'Against each other, while you are on the server. You can control the appearance of the game as if it were from a first-person or third-person perspective inside the weapons and the map in which you will play.

Fourth, Hesits' recently launched missions, where you can join you and three other friends in doing the theft that you need to do and together planning how to rob and escape from the police. The coolest multiplayer missions in the game and this type of mission is open when you reach level 12 in the game online. And you must have owned an apartment on the Internet to study the inside layout of how to do the theft, and it will cost you every robbery agent who earns over 55 thousand dollars of your money to play with it. Knowing that the rewards for doing these types of tasks can be more than a million dollars and if you complete them anyway the team will get another million, and if you are a member of the crew you will get a hundred thousand more, and the percentage of the profit distribution after each theft depends on the number of people. Who killed them in the mission and also your sniping and killing skills and remember that cooperation between team members is important and essential to the success of every trip in Heists as one mistake can spoil the whole mission. There is no life for everyone on the team. Everyone has a life. He must maintain it until the mission is successful and the important step is taken. next one.

Learn a detailed review of GTA V history and online


How wonderful GTA V sounds, there are a lot of radio stations for the game that Rockstar provided us so you can change the audio channel whenever you want to listen to new tunes and there is also in the game GTA V on the computer platform an exclusive radio station that includes great tracks from my group Alchemist & Oh no, as the two groups together recorded a number of tracks and an entire album recorded exclusively for the PC platform.

The development of the GTA V game for the PC platform has not been transferred, from scratch, from console accessories to the PC platform, as is the case with most companies that do not want to tire themselves and launch an exclusive version that they had released on the console platforms for the PC platform via Any transfer and update of the game from the console to the computer, which results in weak and not strong graphics, but we all saw the difference in the graphics of GTA V between the PC platform and the console platforms. Of course, it will be the highest graphics resolution for a PC. Players can play GTA V on PC platform in 4k which of course is not available on console platforms and the game runs at a frame rate of 60 frames per second and a resolution of 1080p on a PC.

GTA V on the PC platform is better graphically. See the comparison pictures and judge for yourself.

Video comparison of GTA V graphics on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

GTA V gaming performance on NVIDIA graphics cards with Intel processors that rival AMD graphics cards.

Get to know a detailed review of GTA V history and online

it is worth noting that the recent update of Nvidia cards adjusts game performance in SLI mode when playing the game in 4k and also adjusts frame rate per second. Please go to the following link: Launching the Official Update of Your Nvidia Graphics Card on the occasion of the launch of GTA V.
Is GTA V worth buying?

Get a detailed review of GTA V history and online

After hearing all this, is GTA V worth buying? Of course, yes, the game is one of the strongest games released so far, with more than 50 million copies sold on console platforms since the beginning of its release so far, and know if you are sure that the game is one of the best-selling games on Steam before Launched on the PC platform? So, you really have to try the full game to be able to enjoy the multiplayer phase and all the exclusive features of this version. If you have tried the hacked version, believe me, you will not enjoy it as much as you do in the multiplayer phase of the game.

My question to everyone now is: Are you really planning to buy GTA V? Share with us and with everyone who bought it, share your name on Steam so we can add each other and enjoy the game together