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For Honor is a fighting game developed by Ubisoft Montreal. It provides story mode and other development for online play. The game is somewhat Japanese, as there are three combat elements, which are the game of "knights" "Vikings" and "samurai" from the point of view of the third person, and since its first announcement, there is a state of great anticipation about what this game will present to the players.

The story of the game

In the story stage, the war begins with the "knights" led by the war princess "Apollyon", which aims to keep the forts to fight only, in his view that he does not. There is no place for the weak and only sheep waiting to be slaughtered, the game is divided into 3 interconnected stories and 6 chapters. Each of them has a main goal of training you as a beginner to become a pro in the gaming world by playing three

The elements of the fighting are "knights", "vikings" and "samurai", and each of them is divided into 4 individuals with different war capabilities that have been revealed and known throughout history. The conflict stage where the "Apollyon" game breaks out in the For Honor world from the start until we reach "The Faction Wars" "This is the goal of Unlay.

Play style

The game is from the third person perspective and contains several elements to play in addition to being a game of hitting and slaughtering. There is a system called "The Art of Battle" and it contains a blocking system, which is the ability to direct your weapon to repel the strikes of enemies from the three sides on the upper floor. right and left.

In addition to the combat system, there are light hits, hard hits, or a combination of these in some of the moves you can see in the queue, unlike other skill moves you can see. Learn whether the game is in the story stage or in the "How to Play" menu.

In your choice of combat aid, it is best to choose Second Wind and Unblockable which will be very useful in your battles!

The game contains 4 difficulties in the story stage which are easy - normal - difficult - realistic and we found that the difficulties from normal to realistic are not difficult, but they need more patience with the enemies. Normal. For Boss Fights this is very difficult to play, it can take 5 minutes in normal mode to 20 minutes in real mode and herein lies the challenge.

Some enemies do not move from their place if you go to another area no matter how you try, they have a certain area they cannot get out of and run behind you, and you can play with a friend during the story, but some parts of the story can only be kept as a manifestation of what your friend is doing as it happens In Boss Fights

One of the striking things is the play map, where when you occupy or destroy a place, it seems natural to play time if it is under fire or if fire breaks out and the place is destroyed, in each level there is an opening story that can be heard as you wish before the start of the chapter in addition to a story to tell The narrator in the game chapters while playing.

It is developed on the Internet

At the beginning of the game, you have to choose a faction of 3 factions, which are "Knights", "Vikings" and "Samurai". You then choose the outfit, along with the equipment to aid you in the war, and the extra abilities that you gain as you advance in the game.

The game contains 12 maps and the moods vary according to the nature of the fighting, from clear day to rainy clouds or snowy environment as well as night and day.

The first stage of the online game is "Dominion" or Sovereignty, which consists of 4 people playing for 4 people, each of them has a certain number of soldiers who are controlled by the computer and help them to impose their control over 3 regions at the expense of the enemies. The second stage is "Elimination", which is a battle for survival for 4 players against 4 other players in 5 rounds. Only 3 wins, the team wins

The third stage of the game is "Skirmish" and is like "Elimination", with the difference that it is only a turn.

The fourth stage is "Brawl", which is a 2 versus 2 mini-fight, and the fifth stage is "Duel" which is a player versus player, and both of them are considered one of the most suitable challenges for beginners. 


For Honor stands out, at first glance, with great graphics, effective unlike the beginning of the Rainbow Six Siege release, although it is the same engine, but here are completely different graphics that satisfy the players and great details about the game's characters and the surrounding world, their details are very good.

Night lighting, reflections, and shadows are all good things and they're put to work. We only blame some faults on the characters' faces, like the samurai wearing a mask with no eye view, and other minor faults that players won't feel.

My voice

Good character voices and sound effects in battles that show interest in them by warriors advancing against their enemies or when throwing a sword or even a character's footsteps in or over the sand. Rocks.

The storytelling by the narrator was good at the gameplay and the sarcastic comments from the characters, for example, if it took longer to get into an area the character says we might have reached the other half of the area. The city now.

Game duration and replay value

The story took about 4.5 hours from the first attempt at the normal level and we reached level 20 and a story up to level 30 and may take 6 to 7 hours in the story stage, but there is a lot to do online, especially since there are seasons that extend to 4 seasons that last each season Up to two weeks, and based on Rainbow Six Siege, the game will witness endless developments in the Internet stage.

To judge the game, we played 21 hours in the game, 5 hours for the story and the rest online, 221 times we killed enemies and 63 times we killed enemies and didn't give up yet. !


For Honor provided a hearty meal that we will not find for a while in a medieval game, and the story is well developed, providing excellent training for players to develop their skills to play the game on the Internet and how to play we did not find it difficult to learn, but also to professionalize it and create our movements Specials that helped us beat our most level-headed online, a good range of online gameplay and intense enthusiasm throughout our stay in his world.

This is due to the difference in the way your enemies play all over the world, which makes you develop your skills. The availability of 16 characters that can be played in different ways to play reduces the feeling of boredom in the game on many occasions. Long periods of time to develop a character take a long time to also become a professional in all of them, and for fear of poor graphics unfortunately For Honor will disappoint you, as the graphics in the game are of such a high degree of quality. Excellence, especially in a game aimed at a large percentage on the Internet and provides the ability to play the game on weak devices before high devices, and it was a surprise to us and an appreciation for the efforts of the developers to achieve this. Level, acoustics are fun and enthusiastic and will put you in combat mode. In the Middle Ages



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