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The Complete Review of Destiny 2: Beyond Light

It's now more than three years since the release of the second installment of the co-op and competitive shooter Destiny, developed by Bungie's creative team, and the team continues to enrich the game with content ranging from excellent to acceptable, and Bungie has made clear that he has long-term plans to continue supporting Let's Not Become Ourselves and Focus. Now on their 2020 addition, called Beyond Light, the biggest addition that Forsaken Team has worked on?

Let's talk first about the release of the new generation of the game and how it looks, after a long wait, home appliances players can experience the game at a speed of 60 frames per second, with a remarkable improvement in the game graphics, which is a good change from the latest version of the generation, and how the way of playing and shooting in My opinion, Destiny still offers the most satisfying shooting style for the rest of the shooting games on the market, not only in terms of different weapon designs, but also in terms of, but even the effects you see when killing enemies with the same multiple and different enemy moves, all these elements enrich the feeling of firing Fire on the game and make it

The expansion beyond light is a turning point for this series in which we observe the beginning of the fall of one of the richest treasures of mobile humanity that provides the defenders with the energy of light to fight the darkness, but the source of this energy becomes weaker, and the forces of darkness begin to distinguish so much that the only solution for the defenders is to learn the forces of darkness. And use it to get rid of new enemies. The new enemy is one of the "Kells" of Eliksni creatures known as Fallen and his name is Eramis. After getting his crew the dark eramis started to distribute it to his south and from here start your journey to a dead end and teach you to use dark energy, new recession called it makes you spin making ice, this special power of darkness, changed and changed the way of thinking about my game.

This expansion takes us to one of Jupiter's moons, called Europe, and this moon is completely covered with ice, and during your wandering you will encounter snow tornadoes and snowy mountains, and during your wandering you will also see beautiful and visually dazzling views that prove that the animation and graphics from the game are still laboratories of this type Exo. Now let's talk about the new forces, because each of the three categories of destiny had stagnant power. The game did introduce skills for each category, and added an option to allocate stagnant forces deeper than we had seen in the other three original powers, which helps clarify the difference between the three basic light forces from the start of the game to the new dark powers with this expansion.

Assigning these powers gives you the freedom to take your own preferences in the game, either offensive or purely defensive, and in other ways through customization, you can create platforms to create new ways to navigate the world or use these platforms to your advantage in one of the enemy's encounters, this is just a small slide in the game.

The basic missions in Beyond Light are fun and beautifully spoken explaining the story of the dead, and how defenders must learn these mistakes and not adapt to the traveler's presence. Plus, there is a comeback of one of the strangest characters in the first part and other interesting moments if I were related to this series, I would avoid talking about it so as not to spoil the events. Working on missions was interesting and we saw classes of new enemies, and moreover it was entertaining because in most of the missions you were always exploring the use of your new powers and finding the best and fastest solutions to get rid of the enemies. Besides the hits were good, the new weapon slide is fun and especially exotic weapons that offer the skills that I consider the best since the beginning of this series. Don't expect the missions to offer the freedom of exploration we saw with Forsaken, but they are weighed down and events spark your curiosity to complete the story.

This new direction of destiny, which helped reduce its size is welcome and diversifies its content periodically to the point that the team will bring missions from the first part, this point will occupy me and many players return to the game to discover the content of the previous game with general improvements, not having different activities all of these Various improvements make me expect with more of what Bungie has to offer with destiny over the next couple of years