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The outline of the story is interesting review of The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope

After a year of presenting the first episodes of the horror games series The Dark Pictures Anthology, the huge game development team returns to introduce us to the second episode entitled Little Hope, and we return after our experience in the first episode to discover this episode and learn more about the improvements that have been made to the previous part and to learn more information about Improvements made to the previous part.

The story is separate from the first episode and does not require knowledge of its details, and it begins with the bus suddenly veering from the road, which led to its overturning and exposing its passengers to university students and their teacher to bruises and injuries, and from this the events begin your search for the bus driver. the present.

The general idea of ​​the story is interesting, including the ambiguity and the similarity between the present and the past under certain circumstances and it even presents some surprises here and there, but the disadvantage is in the details, the dialogues between the characters are very superficial and many of the interaction options between them are irrational and strange because the characters are lost as essential to the dialogues. Or the behavior of the characters as in the previous version.

The graphics are generally good and the character details are excellent, but the facial expressions and lip movements were rigid most of the time, enhancing your feeling that these characters are moving blocks devoid of emotions, the melodies here are excellent and go beyond the last version where we found them appropriate and breathe a little life in the corridors where you are being chased Or put you at risk, the game offers Arabic translation of the menus and texts that were filmed at a later time. The translation is usually good but unfortunately done with a small font and kind of

As the last episode, the game is an interactive cinematic experience where you can search for clues and secrets in the environment before moving on to the next environment and interact with the characters as mentioned to determine the course of events and it is unfortunate that most of the decisions in the game are illogical and many of the scenes are filled with a little frustrating, the game is full of scenes that require A quick press of the button or QTE, and one of the nice tweaks made by the development team is the addition of icons that tell you that you are about to start one of those scenes that prepare you for that scene.

If you want to go through the experience collectively, you have the same stages as the latest release, with the movie night option, in which you chose each of the five characters and who will play with, to give the console to your companion who chose this character when the time is right, there is a joint story stage, Which is always a feature of the experience, you go through a portion of the experience while another player is out

The end of the episode takes about 4 and a half hours due to our desire to look at the different files and collect secrets, for us the value of re-experiencing this episode is less than the last episode, and while the last episode can be fought at least 3 times to satisfy your curiosity about different possibilities, we just finished this last episode, but we We haven't learned enough from the latest version errors.

The story is exciting with its idea and its relationship between the past and the present in mysterious ways - improving the QTE system to inform the player of his exposure to these scenes - excellent melodies that evoke the atmosphere of the experience.

The dialogues and characters are boring and superficial, and the many scenes and options are full of errors and illogical things - a lot of the choices and attributes that the characters gain do not actually affect the course of events which gives less value for replay.

Small Amal managed to present a story with its original and exciting idea, but failed to take advantage of this solid foundation with the introduction of meaningless dialogues and interactions between the characters, an experience that may appeal to those who liked the previous episode, but it is not a horror game we recommend

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