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Ankunda Zamalek club trip to Turkish territory

Mustafa Mohamed, the former star of Zamalek, the star of our national team and the Olympic team, and the star who is now making his way with Galata Saraya, the most prestigious Turkish club, pleased us all and drew joy and smile on the faces of all Egyptians. If Mustafa Muhammad had satisfied us all, then I am at the height of happiness, I needed joy for something that would bring happiness to me after isolating him in my house in Alexandria to obtain the cursed crown. Unfortunately, I still suffer from it, and God willing, I am still healed and cured, and my healing prayers are for everyone. Focused on the return of Mahmoud Trezgate, the young man who had been absent from the stadium for nearly fifty days, returned to the stadiums, and participated with his team Aston Villa, and won with his team in two out of three matches, and this reassured us about him and his safety.

But my happiness and joy, which raised my spirits in my patients, is what Mustafa Mohamed did and reconciled in the first two matches with his new team, and moved him to first place after beating his great rival Fannar Bakhsha at the latter's stadium with a wonderful goal that was not answered. Mustafa scored a penalty kick in his first match after coming off the field at the start of the second half. This is the secret of happiness and joy for our son Mustafa, and we must mention the boldness and strong will of the manager to put confidence in Mustafa and plant him from the first match and make him face punishment after his arrival in Turkey less than three days later. Mustafa succeeds and proves that he deserves the trust of the artistic director, and I am sure that the fans of Galatasaraya are now walking the streets singing and cheering Mustafa Al-Masry.

I wish him good luck, keep his commitment and keep his beautiful smile on his face, and this is the secret of the sustainability of his relationship with everyone. Thank you Mustafa, you have made me happier and happier after 10 difficult days for me. May God help you always from success to success, but carefully, and let us climb the ladder of degrees. greeting