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The City train continues and cannot be stopped this year

Manchester City claimed their ninth successive Premier League victory after an easy 2-0 win over Burnley, leading the competition with 47 points and a postponed match against second-placed Manchester United. After the match, Guardiola said: “We won against teams in a difficult position at the table. Like Brighton, Bo Bromwich Albion, Crystal Palace, Aston Villa, Sheffield United and, of course, Burnley. Great matches await with Liverpool, Tottenham, West Ham and Manchester United.

** Exciting, powerful and fun Premier League racing. Manchester City, Manchester United, Leicester City, West Ham, Liverpool, Everton and Tottenham ... But this race, I haven't stopped it yet. I didn't stop at City's victory over Burnley, but in that match it was the event in which Manchester City had a 74% possession and it was so great that the team was able to fully possess the ball for 3 minutes, 2 seconds, 7-tenths of a second and exchanged it in 57 assists. !

** This law is very difficult. In order for the team to get the ball for more than 3 consecutive minutes, each player in its ranks must do the following: “Get the ball, pass it and move” is the lesson of the first football school in Barcelona, ​​which then produced the Tiki-Taka technique, born from the stomach of marriage The Spanish. This is the training method that is believed to be the best in football at the moment .. Why?

* "Adults do not lose the ball at the edge of the penalty area, and the true measure of the quality of the team and its elements is to keep the ball in the half of the team you are facing, especially in the near side of the penalty area."

** Guardiola achieved the best equation for the game, making the star team by a group of stars. One of his players' most important instructions to every player on any team: “Have the ball. Don't lose the ball. You need to do it quickly if you lose it. Then press the opponent in his yard.” He shortens the steps after his team lost the ball in time 5 Seconds, in the so-called five-second rule for the second round of acquisitions ..!

** I had a lot of questions in mind that I would like to address to Guardiola:

Is owning your main goal in every match to achieve your goals?

Does philosophy need players with special skills? What are the most important skills that catch your eye and dictate your player's choices?

Are you the one who makes the right team and all-star team or is it the right all-star team that made you a superstar coach?

Did you find Messi in Bayern Munich and did you find him in Manchester City? Does your style need Messi?

Is Messi's lack of success with Argentina because of Messi or the way Argentina play and their style different from Barcelona?

Does tiki-taka style affect you personally and a generation of players?

A team you meet with your neutral, weak and impotent style .. How does this team do that?

Is your tactic inspired by the capabilities of the other team or your team, or is it an inspiration that comes in moments of deep thinking that feels like daydreaming?

** Is there anyone in the Premier League who asks Guardiola these questions and answers me