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The role of the ninja is not the role we play a lot in video games, all the details you can find here

The role of the ninja is not the role that we play a lot in video games, but one of the distinctive and exciting roles that usually makes most of the games that adopt this idea such as the beloved Ninja Gaiden series, the last games that put us in this role is the breakthrough at the end of the game.

The story puts us in the role of the last ghostrunners, a group of humans who are designed to be the perfect combination of humans and machine to obtain the perfect soldiers to enforce order and maintain security within the enormous Dharma Tower, which has become humanity's last refuge after a disaster that has made life on the rest of the Earth impossible. However, we were impressed by the excellent dubbing of the main characters and the well-executed dialogues that added some value to the story.

The game does not suffer from obvious technical problems and at the visual level it looks great, including details in its entire world, which range from poor areas with an industrial character to upper floors that feature their advertisements, neon lights of various colors and pop, and as mentioned, the voice performance of the characters was outstanding. And all over the world.

Ghostrunner is a very fast experience and this requires providing a control system that is easy to use, you are able to move, jump, dash and slide in addition to the usual attack with a sword and a button dedicated to special skills and the rest depends on your skills The game is not directed to a player but to a professional player Which or left to avoid the balls of opponents. Death is something that happens in the game. Once you get used to a certain type of enemy, a new type is introduced that adds a new parameter to the equation and the experience requires you to focus throughout the game in case you want to overcome the challenges that will be presented to you.

To give you additional help, there is a skill development board, part of which is provided at the beginning of the game with the ability to take full advantage of it in the final stages, the development board is filled with abilities that appear as Tetris stones, which you need to organize in the best possible way to exploit all the empty areas,

Ghostrunner does not consist of battles only. There are two other aspects to experience the puzzles that you will solve in a digital world in a way compatible with the context of events such as hacking a specific system in the tower or allowing the ability to access a new special ability, the other side of the tower is the most common in the digital world.

Despite the linear game and the fact that it requires moving from point A to point B, the stages give you plenty of opportunities to maneuver and attack enemies, you can attack enemies from the right or left or maybe use the hook to surprise them from above.

The experience is not perfect in the end and we can say that it is incomplete by two very basic things, the first is a very quick response to the enemies some barely aware of your presence until it shoots accurately to hit you as you progress in an experience that will face a greater number of enemies and by virtue of your quick regret, it is easy The very particles that are designed to present difficulty. It's satisfying and you can imagine how these two issues affect the experience. They are in all of the essential elements, but they don't happen all the time, but their effect is evident.

The experience offers a number of collectible items, including what gives an idea of ​​the game world with some audio recordings we identified some of its characters and there are alternative shapes of your sword in these contents, the experiment took 9 hours to complete and we collected nearly half of the collectible items, which is a great experience .

A technically impressive experience with meticulous attention to detail - Distinctive music album - Fast fights that push your potential to their limits - Excellent diversity of content with many puzzles and challenges to jump between platforms and not forget some collectibles.

Difficulty tends to be unbalanced many times, and jumping pads require very high precision in a way that many times becomes boring.

Ghostrunner can be tipped on a number of occasions, but the experience is polished in many aspects. It is a special combination of possible graphics, great music and varied playing experience, it is a great experience for the professional player who is looking for a challenge