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Falcons is one of the few new generation shooting games all the details you can find here

Falcons is one of the few games to launch the new generation of Xbox, and this experience comes mainly from the evolution of a person, Thomas Sala who received assistance on his journey to provide the experience of fighting a giant falcon in an experience with a strange world and different from what we saw before so how can we do That?

Falcons take us to the world of Ursee, which mainly consists of bodies of water and small islands on which houses and forts are built, each representing a family of dominant families in this cruel world, the game world is full of monsters and strange pirates that you will fight as one of the falcons as they are fighters heading to the battlefield On interest with the progress and revealed some details related to the game world and raised.

The game is characterized by a cartoonish artistic orientation that suits its strange world and its experience is beautiful in general despite its simplicity because its simplicity helped provide a stable artistic performance most of the time, except for some battles that confuse opponents and we noticed a slight decrease in the frame rate for a few seconds.,

Falcons is a game in which you will fight air battles On board the giant falcon, the control system is simple and limited to move your falcon and aim at the opponent with the ability to rush in the air and a quick turn that allows you to face the opponent who is chasing you from behind in addition to one button.

The game experience is enjoyable in general and the difficulty may be the beginning of the experience is not balanced, but it is balanced with going forward and your level rise in addition to getting money to develop your bird's ability to heal and maneuver, one of the things that we were surprised about is that the game does not tell you quickly, it is a very important component in the game, especially when Your arrival progress on missions puts you in massive battles full of combat ships and monsters.

The game lacks diversity in its content and it can be said that all missions consist of you moving in a certain area and then attacking you by opponents before returning to progress and facing other opponents, some missions may require you to hand over a certain package, but they proceed with the same amount so that they will be interrupted You by opponents and here throwing depend on fighting or delivering packets.

The game offers a number of time challenges in which you try to complete a certain path before a specific time has passed and although these challenges do not exist, it is a welcome diversification, as it took 10 hours to complete the experience and we can say that falcons are not a bad experience as they offer battles and battles.

A strange and interesting world with its history, creatures and myths - fun battles with a simple and easy-to-learn game system.

The missions lack variety and are nearly identical - the game doesn't share a number of gameplay elements - the difficulty is unbalanced at first.

Falconer introduces us to a strange and interesting world but suffers from repetition with the nearly identical nature of his various missions, an experience that could have been better presented