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Assassin's Creed Valhalla review One of the highlights it tries to offer is freedom in everything

The series returns to us, Assassin Creed, two years after its last releases, and Valhalla is the twelfth version of this long series, and after more than three years of development by Ubisoft Montreal Studios, this version overlooks us with the end of a generation and the beginning of another generation. The game can provide a distinctive experience after this. The story of the game revolves around the character Ivor in the period of the Vikings' invasion of Britain and puts you in a struggle between killers and the Templars and the game is a very interesting and interesting game. Their continuous struggle in different historical periods and under different names, the story was presented in an interesting manner and with many surprises and horrific events Choices and decisions you will see their impact on some of the events of history, your main task in the game is to work to search for allies from different regions of Britain and each region has a chapter Own from history, you have to complete all its missions to gain the loyalty of this area and get the best results.

Apart from the missions, the game's story will offer you many side missions in a direct and indirect way. Some characters you will find them distinguished by their own mission and others that you can discover by chance and here the level of these missions varies greatly. There are many monotonous traditional missions such as killing a character or Releasing the prisoner

is one of the most important things that you are trying to present, is freedom in everything from the options and settings of the game, such as the ability to activate or close blood, and determine the difficulty of fighting separately from the difficulty of the sequence and hiding to choose the hero, whether he is a man or a man.

The game world is full of different events and missions, hunting, battles of legendary monsters and even fun and side games with distinctive dice games or even poetic duels that were famous at that time and will bring you back with extra points for the attractiveness of your character that will help you in the future

When you arrive in England, you will create your own village and gradually develop it by bringing in various resources from the battles or raids that you carry out with your clan members and you will find various resources for blacksmiths to develop your armor and weapons to face the next challenges in the story.

The fighting style of the game has been developed so that the character's movement is made more flexible with infinite options of skills and development using the development points that you get by completing various exploration missions.

Battles and raids are the most important additions to this version. The battles are epic wars over enemy fortified castles with a large number of fighters from both sides and you have to use the available equipment to break into enemy defenses, defensive stores closed doors and some castles have to break into many castles.

The game offers diverse and visually impressive game environments with lighting in a way that we have never seen before by adding aesthetics to the picturesque world of sunset and sunrise and the reflection of lighting on the grass surfaces and feeling the different timing in a distinctive way increases your magic of the game.

Well, our experience on the new generation devices was better than the experience of playing on the current generation, but it was not without problems as we faced a slight decrease in the number of frames in large battles with a large number of fighters, and we also faced some situations when you have a large number of players.

Ubisoft was established as usual to present an Arabic game with exemplary mastery ranging from masterful localization of menus, elegant fonts, and clear style with options to choose the appropriate font size up to the effort expended in poetic duels that depend on providing a balanced and in-depth poetic Arabic text.

Dozens of hours of gameplay with a wonderful world, attractive story and freedom of choice
The difference in the level of side missions and some technical problems,

Assassins Creed Valhalla on the next generation devices gave us a unique experience and a look at what the next generation devices can offer with a distinctive style of play with 60 pictures, an impressive world and speed in the navigation screens